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Professional Guides

Professional Guide: Green Tea

Green Tea is among the most popular supplemental ingredients available. In fact, 15% of American tea consumption is green tea[1]. According to experts, “health benefits have been attributed to tea consumption since the beginning of its history,” and better still, “scientific investigation of this beverage and its constituents

Professional Guide: Protein Powder

Walking into your local health foods store to buy a protein powder can be a daunting task. Which type of protein do I need? How much should I take? When do I need to use it? These questions and more plague even the most knowledgeable health-conscious individuals due to the ever growing variety of powders

Professional Guide: HGH

Human growth hormone continues to be one of the most controversial topics in sports and in fitness today, but the truth about HGH remains a mystery for most people. In this comprehensive HGH guide, we intend to help you get a better understanding about HGH and how to safely increase HGH levels. In

Professional Guide: Testosterone

Amateurs and professionals alike have spent years trying to optimize testosterone levels. For some, that means using exogenous hormones (steroids). For the majority, however, maximizing testosterone though diet, training and supplementation is the main focus. In this guide we’ll cover everything you ever wanted

Professional Guide: Creatine

If you've been around a gym or a supplement shop long enough, it's likely you've wondered what the buzz is about creatine.

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