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Buy Amino 1900
– 110 Tablets

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    During intense exercise and training, muscle acidosis may occur and cause muscle fatigue and reduced muscular output.[1] Increasing the muscles buffering capacity and increasing muscle amino acid stores improves explosive short term exercise capacity and supports maximum muscle growth/repair. Universal Nutrition Amino 1900 contains the highest potency and purest concentration of superior peptide bonded amino acids in 1,900mg tablets that digest easily and rapidly.

    Amino 1900 can help enhance strength gains, more efficient oxygen uptake, and increased metabolic rate. A efficacious dose of arginine delivers explosive muscle pumps[2] and tyrosine enhances dopamine and norepinephrine levels, enhancing mood and energy.[3] Amino 1900 also contains a generous amount of Vitamin B6 to further support energy and enhance amino acid absorption.

    Aspartic acid works to elevate motivation and energy all while supporting testosterone levels in male athletes.[4] Leucine and glutamic acid work together to increase muscle growth[5] and reduce recovery time.[6] Take Amino 1900 daily to kick start protein synthesis, improve nitrogen retention, and prevent protein catabolism.

    Amino 1900’s superior peptide-bonded amino acids are derived from the highest quality sources for a comprehensive AA profile and superior results.


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    Universal Nutrition Amino 1900 Supplement Facts


    Universal Nutrition Amino 1900 packed 1900mg of easily digestible peptide-bonded amino acids and enhanced vitamin B6 to kick start protein synthesis, improve nitrogen retention, and prevent protein catabolism.


    Take 3-5 tablets on an empty stomach 3 times daily before meals and after training for a total of 10-15 tablets per day, or as directed by a healthcare professional.


    Keep out of reach of children. Before beginning this or any program, consult your healthcare practitioner.

    Featured Ingredients

    Arginine – Once consumed, arginine enters the bloodstream and is metabolized, a process that produces nitric oxide (NO). NO is a natural vasodilator that widens blood vessels and increases blood flow to support those intense muscular pumps desired by fitness enthusiasts.

    Aspartic Acid – Aspartic acid plays an important role in the citric acid cycle, during which other amino acids and biochemical are synthesized. It helps to reduce fatigue by improving production of ATP, and supports healthy testosterone levels in male athletes.

    Glutamic Acid – Glutamic acid makes up over 60% of skeletal muscle and is commonly used to support muscle recovery, growth, and overall immunity. Supplementing with glutamine replenishes vital muscle stores, protecting against catabolism.

    Leucine – As one of three essential BCAAs, leucine works synergistically with the other amino acids to support muscle growth, protect against catabolism, increase strength, and speed up recovery. Leucine activates the mTOR pathway, amplifying protein synthesis for faster muscle growth.

    Tyrosine – This amino acid is a precursor to catecholamines such as dopamine and epinephrine. Supplementing with tyrosine has been found to significantly enhance mood, focus, energy, and strength during training and exercise.

    Phenylalanine – Phenylalanine serves a variety of purposes, including helping to boost thyroid activity to support weight loss and management. It also helps improve mood and motivation so you are ready to tackle your workout before you begin.

    Q. How is Amino 1900 Different Than Protein Powders?

    A. Amino 1900 comes in easily digestible tablets with free form peptide-bonded amino acids and enhanced vitamin B6 for optimum absorption. Taking amino acids in their free form is significantly more effective than consuming whole protein.

    Q. Can I Stack Amino 1900 With Other Supplements?

    A. Yes, Amino 1900 is 100% safe to stack with other supplements. It is completely free of stimulants, allowing you to take it any time of day and combine with virtually any other supplement in your favorite stack.

    Q. How Do I Use Amino 1900? How Long Will One Bottle Last?

    A. Take 3-5 tablets on an empty stomach three times daily before meals and after training. Depending on frequency of use and desired dosage, each bottle will last approximately 1-2 months.

    Q. Who Can Benefit From Taking Amino 1900?

    A. The Amino 1900 formula is designed to kick start protein synthesis, improve nitrogen retention, and reduce protein catabolism. These benefits are excellent for virtually anyone wanting to protect their hard-earned muscle mass. It is especially beneficial for athletes and active individuals who put their body to the test and need a powerful formula for optimal support and recovery.

    Buy Amino 1900
    – 110 Tablets




    Buy Amino 1900
    – 300 Tabs




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