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Buy Amino 1000
– 500 Capsules


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Buy Amino 1000
– 500 Capsules

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    Universal Nutrition Amino 1000 is a stimulant free amino acid formula designed to support endurance during your workout, muscle recovery post training, and muscle growth after weight lifting. This high quality, maximum potency formula is designed for maximum absorption to working muscles with the purest source of superior peptide-bonded, free-form and L-form amino acids. Amino 1000 provides you with versatile nutritional support for any type of workout regimen.

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and lean muscle, as well as fuel to increase performance and protect against catabolism. Each amino acid in Amino 1000 serves a unique benefit, including arginine for muscle pumps[1] and tyrosine for energy and mood.[2] Plus, Amino 1000 contains added Vitamin B6 to enhance energy and absorption naturally.[3]

    Amino 1000 contains all three BCAAs, including a double dose of leucine to activate mTOR signaling and protein synthesis in skeletal muscle.[4] Amino 1000 is vital for the retention of nitrogen in the body (to prevent catabolism) and to support a faster recovery with added glutamine.[5] Push your performance and maximize recovery with the complete amino acid support formula of Amino 1000.

    Allow yourself to experience the synergistic power of amino acids, real ingredients, and unbelievable results with a high quality formula from one of athlete’s favorite brand names.


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    Universal Nutrition Amino 1000 Supplement Facts


    Universal Nutrition Amino 1000 is a precision engineered amino formula with peptide-bonded and free form professional strength amino acids to support muscle growth, recovery, performance, and strength.


    As a dietary supplement, take 10 capsules daily (on an empty stomach) per 220 lbs or as directed by a healthcare professional. For best results, take 5 capsules in the morning and 5 capsules immediately after training.


    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Featured Ingredients

    Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble essential vitamin that is critical for the metabolism of food, or the conversion of food calories to ATP particles (energy). Amino 1000 contains an ultra-concentrated dose of vitamin B6 for powerful energizing support.

    Leucine – Leucine is an essential BCAA that is among the most popular amino acid options to support muscle growth, protect against catabolism, and speed up recovery. Leucine activates the mTOR pathway, amplifying protein synthesis for faster muscle growth.

    Arginine – Once ingested, arginine is converted to another amino acid and nitric oxide (NO) is released in the process. As NO levels increase with higher arginine intake, blood vessels widen and blow flow increases to support those intense muscular pumps coveted among athletes.

    Glutamic Acid – Glutamic acid, commonly known as glutamate, is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle and is crucial for recovery and muscle growth. Glutamic acid helps to replenish muscle stores and protect against damage as you recover from exercise.

    Tyrosine – This amino acid is a precursor to many neurotransmitters, including dopamine and norepinephrine. Studies have found that supplementing with tyrosine improves mood, motivation, energy, and strength during exercise.

    Q. What is Amino 1000?

    A. Amino 1000 contains the highest quality peptide-bonded amino acids sourced from premium hydrolyzed whey. It is enriched with additional free-form aminos, including L-ornithine. It is available in convenient capsules for a rapid release of steady amino acids.

    Q. Is Amino 1000 Safe for All Users to Take?

    A. Amino 1000 contains all-natural amino acids from safe, pure, and quality sources. Because of its natural origins, Amino 1000 is safe for most healthy adults over the age of 18. As with any supplement, speak with your doctor before use if you are taking medication or have a medical condition.

    Q. What Makes Amino 1000 Stand Out Among Other Amino Acid Products?

    A. Amino 1000 contains no fillers or amino spiking. Instead, it is packed with the highest quality peptide-bonded amino acids available from premium whey protein. It is designed to absorb quickly for maximum absorption and optimal benefits.

    Q. How Can I Maximize the Benefits of Amino 1000?

    A. For best results, take 5 capsules of Amino 1000 first thing in the morning and another 5 capsules immediately after training. On non-training days, take 5 capsules in the morning and another 5 capsules before bed. Combine with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Amino 1000
    – 500 Capsules

    Coming Soon



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