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Buy Perfect Diet
– 90 Capsules

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    As a women, losing weight is tough. From the high demands of daily life to monthly PMS and stubborn fat areas, trying to slim down and tone up is no easy undertaking. For better support you can rely on, Ultimate Nutrition has developed Perfect Diet – the ultimate solution for serious, hardworking women.

    A term commonly used with fat burning is thermogenics. Thermogenic supplements, when used with diet and exercise, help increase the body’s core temperature to burn more calories as heat and energy rather than being stored as fat. Perfect Diet features natural extracts such as Guarana,[1] Green Tea,[2] Bitter Orange,[3] and Yerba Mate,[4] all potent extracts commonly used in thermogenic-focused supplements.

    Effective thermogenics are those containing key ingredients that create a fat-burning environment through synergistic efforts. The all-natural, expensive extracts in Perfect Diet work hand in hand to help you take that critical step towards achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

    Start seeing a new you in the mirror today. Perfect Diet is the ideal solution for those seeking a better body, a healthier routine, and a happier lifestyle!


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    Get Ultimate Nutrition Perfect Diet for Women! 180 Caps Fat Burner! Thermogenic supplements, when used with diet and exercise, help increase the body’s temperature enabling the body to burn more calories, heat, and energy.


    As a food supplement, take two (2) capsules two times daily, 60 minutes before each meal (breakfast and lunch). Individuals under 150lbs should begin with a serving size of 1 capsule 60 minutes before meals. Do not take late in the evening or within 6 hours of sleep.


    As this product contains caffeine, limit use of other caffeine-containing products because too much caffeine may cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasional rapid heartbeat.

    Featured Ingredients

    Guarana – Guarana is a high-energy source of natural caffeine that may increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, decrease appetite, and elevate mood. Guarana spurs the body’s ability to burn calories and unwanted fat cells through the thermogenic process.

    White Willow Bark – The bark of the white willow tree is a source of salicin and other salicylates, compounds that, when combined with other ingredients, help to boost their fat burning effects while elevating energy expenditure.

    Green Tea – Green tea contains numerous active compounds, including flavonoids and catechins. Specifically, its catechin EGCG is an antioxidants that may help to boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and promote weight loss.

    Mate – Yerba mate is used as a natural stimulant for weight loss and as an appetite suppressant. It is commonly known and used to increase energy levels and improve digestion. Yerba mate contains mateine, a close relative of caffeine that promotes energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

    Cayenne – This natural thermogenic ingredient can help to increase body temperature, thereby causing an increase in energy expenditure for thermoregulation. The active ingredient in cayenne, an alkaloid called capsaicin, can increase metabolic rate and fat burning.

    Q. Who Should Use Perfect Diet?

    A. Perfect Diet is designed for those who are ready to make a change in their life and see real results in the mirror. Although designed specifically for the unique physiology of women, Perfect Diet is completely safe to be used by both men and women who are seeking additional support as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

    Q. How Much Caffeine is in Perfect Diet?

    A. Perfect Diet contains 130 mg of caffeine, or about as much as 1 cup of coffee. This is per serving, and it is recommended that you take two servings daily, which will add up to 260 mg per day – about as much as 3 cups of coffee. Avoid combining Perfect Diet with other sources of caffeine or stimulants.

    Q. How Long Will One Bottle of Perfect Diet Last?

    A. Each bottle of Perfect Diet contains 90 servings, or a total of 180 capsules. This amount will last for a minimum of 45 days if taken daily and as directed. Results will vary depending on desired dosage and frequency of use.

    Q. How Should I Take Perfect Diet for Best Results?

    A. For best results, start by taking 1 capsule 60 minutes before meals to assess tolerance. Do not take late in the evening or within 6 hours of sleep. Each serving contains caffeine that may cause restlessness if taken too close to bedtime. Avoid snacking between meals, drink plenty of water, and exercise on a regular basis.

    Buy Perfect Diet
    – 90 Capsules




    Buy Perfect Diet
    – 180 Capsules

    Out of Stock



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