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Buy Surge PCT
– 2 Bottles


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Surge PCT
– 2 Bottles







    Surge takes the art and science of supplementation to the next level. Sculpting your body into a ripped, bulky physique has been a monumental task thousands of men all over the world have struggled with for years. Through an advanced multi-ingredient approach, the premium Surge Stack helps support healthy testosterone levels in favor of massive muscle building. Surge Combo includes a natural, powerful Pro Hormone and a Post Cycle Therapy that force your muscle to excel to greater heights after each workout.

    The Surge Stack starts with an incredible Pro Hormone formula designed to naturally ensure natural testosterone levels in a healthy range.[1] Pro Hormone shifts hormonal balance in favor of huge gains in lean muscle mass and a ripped physique.[2] Pro Hormone also reduces estrogen levels, preventing the damaging effects of estrogen on muscle growth and performance.[3]

    Next comes the impressive Natural PCT – Post Cycle Therapy – Capsule. The Surge PCT includes liver cleansing ingredients that replenish, repair, protect, and restore liver function to maximum levels.[4] Taking the PCT and Pro Hormone formula together ensures a healthy liver, an ideal anabolic hormonal balance, and the greatest odds for unprecedented muscle growth.

    Surge delivers raw, unadulterated power born from advanced supplement research. The Surge Stack was developed using some of the most advanced ingredients available so you can let your true strength, muscle growth, and power show at all times.


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    The ultimate testosterone boosting stack! Surge Stack includes a powerful Pro Hormone and Post Cycle Therapy to build lean mass and strength, boost testosterone, block estrogen, and cleanse the liver. Restore testosterone levels to normal!


    Read both labels carefully and follow the directions provided.


    Keep out of reach of children. Only intended for healthy adults over the age of 18. Speak with your physician before use if you have a medical condition or are taking medication.

    Featured Ingredients

    Lean Mass Builders – Surge Stack contains natural lean mass builders commonly used in anabolic supplements that target hypertrophy and anabolic growth. These all-natural lean mass builders activate, engage, and accelerate protein synthesis and muscle building process to maximize gains and build a rock hard physique.

    Testosterone Booster – With the Surge Stack, you receive a Natural PCT. The PCT includes natural testosterone boosting ingredients to maximize the anabolic effects of this powerful hormone. Healthy testosterone levels are absolutely vital for a bulky, well-defined build.

    Estrogen Blocker – The Natural PCT also comes with estrogen blocking ingredients to prevent a hormone imbalance. Too much estrogen can have detrimental effects on your muscle building and exercise performance results. Surge Stack helps keep estrogen levels in check to promote the ideal hormonal balance in favor of incredible muscle growth and body definition.

    Liver Cleansing Compounds – Exercise, supplement use, drinking, and medication use can all have a damaging effect on your liver, slowing down metabolism and hindering muscle growth. Surge Stack features nature liver cleansing compounds to clear out your liver, reduce oxidative damage, and restore healthy, maximum liver function.

    Q. What Is the Surge Stack Designed to Accomplish?

    A. The Surge Stack includes a natural, powerful Pro Hormone and Post Cycle Therapy Capsule. Surge Pro Hormone helps to build lean mass and strength in a short amount of time. Surge Natural PCT includes a testosterone booster, estrogen blocker, and liver cleansing ingredients to make sure you are getting the most of Surge Pro Hormone.

    Q. Should I Take Surge and Post Surge Simultaneously?

    A. Yes, Surge and Post Surge are designed to be taken together. Although they can be taken separately if desired, the benefits of each work synergistically with each other to promote the greatest overall results. Surge and Post Surge are designed to work together to ensure your natural testosterone levels return to normal.

    Q. Are the Ingredients in the Surge Stack Safe?

    A. Absolutely! Surge Stack is designed with all natural ingredients, that cleanse, build, restore, and protect the body from the damaging effects of exercise, supplementation, and medication use. The Surge Stack is designed to be completely safe for the majority of healthy individuals over the age of 18.

    Q. How Long Should I Take the Surge Stack?

    A. The Surge Stack should be taken for a full thirty days for best results. When taken together, the Surge Stack is designed to provide one full month of support – the ideal amount of time to cycle off your normal supplement routine and restore your hormone levels to normal. Surge Stack can be taken for longer than 30 days if desired, though not necessary.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Surge PCT
    – 2 Bottles




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