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    Athletes are known to build muscle and gain the strength as well as power they need to stay at the top of their performance. The easiest way to accomplish that is by giving the testosterone a boost. Nothing can compare to the power and effectiveness that RivalUS ENPULSE has! This amazing testosterone booster will help you to be the powerhouse of an athlete you are.

    ENPULSE is designed to increase your levels of testosterone as it fills you up with anti-aromatase in order to drop those levels of estrogen. By producing more testosterone, your body will be able to build up lean muscle mass much easier and enhance your sexual performance so you can be at your best in the gym and in bed. The best thing about ENPULSE is that it does not contain any banned substances. In fact, it is safe to take whether you’re a professional or beginning athlete. If you want to see hardcore results, take ENPULSE!


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    ENPULSE SuppFacts


    See a change in you performance for the better with RivalUS ENPULSE! You’ll be able to get the boost in your performance that you want with this super-powerful formula that is safe for any athlete to take! Get the muscle mas you want as you boost your libido!


    Take 4 capsules at bedtime. For best results use ENPULSE every day and combine with resistance exercise 3-5 days per week.


    Consult a physician before using if you are unaware of your current health status, if you have a medical condition, or if you or your family has a medical history, or if you are taking an prescription drug. This is not intended for use by those with a serious medical condition or pregnant or lactating women. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. Do not exceed maximum daily dosage. Do not use if safety seal is broken. For adult use one. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

    Featured Ingredients

    Eurycoma Longifolia – Found in Southeast Asia, this shrub-tree is extremely effective for enhancing sexual abilities, treating those with erectile dysfunction, increasing your sex drive, boosting your athletic performance, building up muscle, and decreasing the amount of fat in your body. Some of the chemicals found within this ingredient cause the production of testosterone to increase.

    Tribulus Terrestris – Also known as the puncture vine, this plant is covered in spines. Helping to enhance your athletic performance and treat problems with infertility as well as any other sexual problems, this ingredient contains chemicals that boost testosterone. It also has the ability to provide support in order to build up strong, lean muscle mass.

    Avena Sativa – With many essential vitamins and minerals, this is an oat that acts as a natural stimulant and is beneficial to the proper health and functioning of your reproductive system. It is able to enhance your fertility, treat sexual problems, and detoxify your system. It is also able to improve your digestive and cardiovascular health.

    Q. What will ENPULSE do for me?

    A. RivalUS has created ENPULSE so that professional athletes can boost their testosterone for leaner muscle and intense strength without causing any problems with drug-testing as it contains no banned substances. By increasing testosterone in your system you will also be able to lower your estrogen levels and improve your sexual drive.

    Q. How should I take it?

    A. Simply, take 4 capsules before going to bed. If you want optimal results, it is recommended that you take ENPULSE every day and do resistance exercises 3-5 days every week.

    Q. Are there any side effects?

    A. No. There have not been any negative side effects associated with taking ENPULSE. If you do have any concerns about any of the ingredients that are labeled, it is best that you talk to your doctor before taking.

    Q. Will I lose my strength and muscle when I get off of ENPULSE?

    A. That is really up to you. If you want to maintain that amazing strength and lean muscle mass that you’ve worked so hard to get with ENPULSE, then it is highly recommended that you continue to exercise and eat a healthy diet. If not, you will more than likely lose the physique that you have.

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