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Buy PS Amino XXIII
– 32 fl oz

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    PS Amino XXIII provides your body with amino acids in liquid form. Taking PS Amino XXIII will provide your body with a blend of amino acids and whey protein isolate helping you to avoid catabolism, increase muscle mass and promote muscle repair.

    PS Amino XXIII includes a proprietary blend of amino acids and whey protein isolate that aid in protein synthesis to fuel your muscle tissue during strenuous exercise thus limiting your chance of becoming catabolic. Supplementing with PS Amino XXIII ensures you have enough protein to fuel your workout and by avoiding catabolism you can make significant strides to increase muscle mass.[1]

    Supplementing with PS Amino XXIII can contribute to muscle gains. Creating muscle requires proper nutrition, supplementation and dedicated exercise. It is important to realize the need to balance exercise and protein intake. By exercising, your body breaks down protein in your muscle. If the rate of breakdown is greater than the grams of protein you consume through food or supplements, then you have a negative protein balance and will experience muscle loss.[2] This fact makes it imperative to have enough protein in your system prior to exercise. PS Amino XXIII provides you with 23g of protein creating a balance conducive to muscle growth.

    Lastly, PS Amino XXIII can help repair muscle after a workout. After strenuous resistance training, your body continues to burn calories increasing your need for proper nutrition. PS Amino XXIII needs to be taken within 30 minutes after your workout so your body has what it needs to begin repairing your muscles. The consequence of not eating or supplementing directly after you exercise is becoming catabolic hence losing the muscle you were in the gym to create.


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    ProSupps PS Amino XXIII SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Proprietary Protein Blend – PS Amino XXIII is made up of whey protein isolate which is 100% pure isolated protein, devoid of carbs and fats. Liquid whey protein isolate is designed to deliver amino acids faster into the bloodstream for effective utilization of its protein content. PS Amino XXIII also includes hydrolyzed gelatin which is a blend of amino acids further aiding in muscle and soft tissue repair by reducing inflammation and increasing protein synthesis.[3]

    Other Ingredients – Purified Water, Proprietary Protein Blend (Hydrolyzed Gelatin, And Whey Protein Isolate), Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate (As Preservative)

    Q. What are the directions for taking this product?

    A. As a dietary supplement take 4 tablespoons before and after a workout. For best results, we recommend taking PS Amino XXIII with Karbolic or 50g of carbohydrates before and after your workout.

    Q. What if I’m lactose intolerant, will taking PS Amino XXIII cause any problems?

    A. No, this is safe to take since the amino acid blend is made from whey protein isolate which is lactose free.

    Q. When can I expect to see results of increased muscle mass?

    A. Depending on the strictness of a diet and intensity of the workout, results will vary. However results of increased lean muscle typically takes 2 to 3 months.

    Q. Is PS Amino XXIII safe for everyone to take?

    A. PS Amino XXIII is natural and safe, however for pregnant, nursing women or for those taking medication for any reason, consult your physician before supplementing

    Q. When should I take PS Amino XXIII?

    A. You should take 1 serving of PS Amino XXIII before and after your workout to get the best results.

    Buy PS Amino XXIII
    – 32 fl oz

    Out of Stock



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