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10 Best Carb Supplements

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    If you train like an athlete you need to fuel your body like one. Karbolic is a supplement providing you with quality carbohydrates. Supplementing with Karbolic will improve the management of nutrient timing, increase muscle mass and recovery and greatly enhance your athletic performance. Karbolic is made with long, medium and short polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are carbohydrates derived from common energy sources such as potatoes, rice and corn. Karbolic uses this blend of starchy carbs to manage your nutrient timing for better workouts. By providing long, medium, and short polysaccharides, Karbolic delivers energy that assimilates quickly prior to and after your workout. The medium and long polysaccharides enable your body to benefit from sustained energy needed to fuel your workout and assist with recovery.

    The carbs provided by Karbolic also enhance digestion of other nutrients leading to increased muscle mass and recovery. Muscles during a workout demand nutrients from food and supplements to enhance muscle contraction (strength) and prevent your muscle fibers from premature breakdown. The complex carbs found in Karbolic alter your digestive system allowing for better absorption of nutrients leading to muscle hypertrophy.[1]

    ProSupps Karbolic dramatically improves athletic performance by keeping your body in an anabolic state. When your body is exercising in an anabolic state you’re using the highest, most usable form of energy which is food. This plentiful energy source is shuttled into your muscles for stronger contractions and improved athletic performance.[2] Karbolic ensures you have the nutrition you need in amounts that are optimized for your workout.


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    ProSupps Karbolic SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Karbolic – Made up of a blend of polysaccharides from potatoes, rice, and corn. The dietary fiber found in these starchy carbs prepares your digestive system for increased nutrient absorption.

    Pterosport – A mixture of stilbenoids (resveratrol, pterostilbene, piceatannol and piceid which are phytonutrients from plants that boost overall health. The ingredients in Pterospora is beneficial by fighting free radicals increasing antioxidant activity, reducing inflammation and decreasing your risk for heart disease.

    Calcium – This important mineral is found to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth. Calcium is indispensable however overdosing can actually decrease calcium in your body. No more than 600 mg should be taken at one time. Calcium has also been found to decrease your chances of osteoporosis.

    Vitamin B2 – This is also called Riboflavin. This lesser known vitamin breaks down macronutrients (carbs, proteins & fats) to be used as energy, it also promotes natural immunity and repairs damaged tissues.

    Vitamin B12 – This vitamin is responsible for creating sustainable energy and enhancing mood. Vitamin B12 is also found to help with inflammation and your immune system fighting off viral infections.

    Other Ingredients – Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Biotin, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, FD&C Yellow #6, Red #40, Sucralose.

    Q. What are the directions for taking this product?

    A. Take Karbolic 30 minutes prior to workout with 16 to 18 ounces of cold water. To maximize benefits, take another serving no more than 30 minutes post workout along with your favorite protein powder.

    Q. Is 50g of carbs too much for me?

    A. No, it’s not too much. Carbohydrate feeding during a workout will maximize your efforts in the gym. You need to keep your muscle glycogen levels up to perform at your peak. It is important to remember to eat more when you are more active and less when you are less active. Karbolic is made up of 50g of carbs which is a mild amount but it is considered ideal for a workout session.

    Q. Can Karbolic be used to gain lean body mass and lose weight?

    A. Yes, although 50g of carbs isn’t a ton, when used with a protein powder of your liking, the combination will make a total meal replacement. Karbolic and extra protein will increase your lean body mass. With every extra pound of lean body mass you can expect to burn 30 to 50 calories per day resulting in fat loss.

    Q. What are some other supplements I can take with Karbolic?

    A. Whey protein isolate pairs well with Karbolic. The combination will create a complete meal replacement. I-Load, which helps the body produce insulin, works well with Karbolic to increase the nutrition absorption. So mix Karbolic with your favorite whey protein isolate and I-Load for maximum benefits.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Check out our Ten Best list:

    10 Best Carb Supplements

    Buy Karbolic
    – 2.2 lbs

    Out of Stock



    Buy Karbolic
    – 4.4 lbs

    Out of Stock



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