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Buy Karbolic RTD
– 20 oz



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Buy Karbolic RTD
– 20 oz

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    ProSupps Karbolic RTD provides a large dose of high-quality carbohydrates, vitamins, and electrolytes in a convenient liquid form. The unique carbohydrate blend provides immediate and long-lasting energy before, during, and after a workout. The result is longer workouts, less fatigue, and quicker recovery times.

    Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. ProSupps Karbolic RTD contains 50 grams of carbohydrates from potato, rice, corn, and soy sources, which provide long, medium, and short-chain polysaccharides. Using three different carbohydrates gives an energy boost to start a workout strong, continue through sets without fatigue, and finish without feeling drained.

    The vitamin B blend in Karbolic works with the large carbohydrate load provided to ensure your body is able to immediately take full advantage of the energy. Known as “energy vitamins,” B vitamins are vital for metabolism and energy regulation. B vitamins are used to optimize carbohydrate absorption and conversion, prevent fatigue and anemia, reduce nervous system stress, and promote general cell health.

    Electrolytes lost through exertion and sweat cause athletic performance and energy levels to decrease. ProSupps Karbolic RTD contains significant amounts of electrolytes to replenish those lost during workouts.

    More than just a pre-workout energy booster, ProSupps Karbolic RTD uses real macronutrients to optimize your workout without harming your body. It contains no heavy metals, fillers, stimulants, or dangerous additives. The ingredients increase performance while contributing to overall physical health.


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    Karbolic RTD SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Carbohydrate Blend (50 g) – This blend of slow, medium, and fast-acting carbohydrates comes from natural plant sources. The quick-acting carbohydrates are immediately converted into energy and give a surge or energy. At the same time, the medium and long-chained polysaccharides provide a steady stream of energy for hours, giving a smooth transition up and down from the initial boost. Individuals are able to exercise longer, with less fatigue, when taking a formulated carbohydrate mix.

    Vitamin B2 (10 mg) – Vitamin B2 is involved in the electron transport chain, the body’s main source of energy, which provides the mitochondria with carbohydrates to convert into energy.. Without vitamin B2, the process is crippled, and carbohydrates are not fully utilized. ProSupps Karbolic RTD contains more than 500 percent daily value of vitamin B2.

    Vitamin B3 (25 mg) – Used primarily in enzyme creation, vitamin B3 also enhances athletic performance. It is a vasodilator, enlarging and relaxing blood vessels to allow more nutrients and energy to flow to muscles. The results are increased workout pumps and greater growth.

    Vitamin B6 (5 mg) – Vitamin B6 is necessary for the metabolism of amino acid, the building blocks of muscle. Deficiency leads to anemia, difficulty in gaining muscle tissue, and increased post-workout fatigue. ProSupps Karbolic RTD provides 250 percent daily value of vitamin B6 to ensure muscle growth.

    Vitamin B12 (100 mcg) – Vitamin B12 is vital for metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It is also essential for general protein production. Without vitamin B12, the body is unable to properly convert carbohydrates and fats to energy and protein to muscle tissue. With more than 1600 percent daily value of this vitamin, ProSupps Karbolic RTD maximizes energy production and muscle creation.

    Zinc (10 mg) – An electrolyte, zinc maintains general health levels. It is rapidly lost during exercise. To counteract the deficiency following workouts, ProSupps Karbolic RTD contains more than 60 percent daily value of zinc. Zinc supplementation increases testosterone levels, which in turn increase muscle growth capability.

    Phosphorus (1077 mg) – Another electrolyte, phosphorus is also depleted through sweat and exertion during high-intensity workouts. Low phosphorus levels lead to increased fatigue that can escalate to anemia. With more than 100 percent daily value of phosphorus, ProSupps Karbolic RTD eliminates deficiency-related fatigue.

    Other Ingredients – Natural & Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, FD&C Yellow #6 & Red #40, Sucralose.

    Q. What are the directions for taking this product?

    A. For best results, consume 1 full bottle of Karbolic RTD before, during or after your workout for energy and muscle glycogen replenishment.
    Advanced users only: Stack ProSupps I-LOAD with 1 full bottle of Karbolic RTD 30-45 minutes prior to exercise.

    Q. Can I stack with Karbolic RTD??

    A. Yes. You can stack Karbolic RTD with your current pre-workout supplements and protein. In addition, advanced users can use Karbolic RTD in conjunction with ProSupps I-LOAD for maximum benefits.

    Q. Does this contain any steroids or substances that would get me banned from competing?

    A. Karbolic RTD is free of anabolic steroids and is designed to be completely safe when used as directed. However, because supplement guidelines vary according to region and organization, consult your competition’s rules prior to taking Karbolic RTD to determine your options.

    Q. What does “advanced users” mean?

    A. Advanced users are those individuals who have experience with performance-enhancing supplements and have rigorous training programs. These users include bodybuilders, trainers, and endurance athletes.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Karbolic RTD
    – 20 oz

    Out of Stock



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