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– 100 Tablets


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Buy Caffeine
– 100 Tablets

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    Caffeine is a popular time tested stimulant. It wakes you up, makes you more alert, makes your nervous system more responsive, and keeps you energized and upbeat during busy days or critical training sessions. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of pure, unhindered caffeine in convenient fast dissolve tablets with ProLab Caffeine, the leader of innovation.

    Pop 1-2 tablets of ProLab Caffeine in with a swig of your favorite beverage for an immediate boost in energy, heart rate,[1] mood, focus, and cognition.[2] Take ProLab Caffeine before a big presentation at work, after a long night up with the kids, or before your next training session for laser sharp focus and energy that won’t stop.

    Each tablet of ProLab Caffeine contains 200mg caffeine, as well as 75mg calcium to offset caffeine’s effect on calcium absorption.[3] If you’re trying to lose weight, ProLab Caffeine can help with that too! Caffeine is a powerful thermogenic that increases metabolism and lipolysis, promoting steady fat burning and weight loss.[4] When taken before the gym or competitions, ProLab Caffeine delivers insane endurance and energy to take your performance to the next level![5]

    Choose ProLab Caffeine to enjoy the energizing effects of caffeine without the added sugar or calories to support your training needs without compromising your dietary goals.


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    PROLAB Caffeine Supplement Facts


    Get fast, energizing results with ProLab Caffeine, convenient fast dissolve tablets packed with 200mg pure caffeine to restore mental alertness, support weight loss, and keep you energized throughout the day.


    Take 1 tablet as needed. Do not exceed 3 tablets daily. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime.


    For occasional use only. Limit the amount of caffeine containing medications, beverages, or foods as too much caffeine may cause negative side effects. This product is only intended for healthy adults over the age of 18.

    Featured Ingredients

    Calcium – Calcium plays a major role in our bodies as it strengthens bones and teeth. It also helps with mood and weight management, as well as supports nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Caffeine intake may offset calcium intake, but it is too a small degree and can be offset by an additional few milligrams. That’s why ProLab Caffeine contains 75mg to ensure calcium absorption isn’t affected.

    Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine is an alkaloid found in coffee, tea, cocoa beans, mate, and other plants. It is a natural CNS stimulant that increases energy and focus, as well as supports an increase in metabolism. Caffeine Anhydrous is pure, medical grade caffeine that gives a clean, lasting energy boost whenever you need it.

    Q. How Does Caffeine Work Exactly?

    A. Caffeine is a trimethylxanthine stimulate compound that produces effects in the CNS, causing adrenaline and noradrenaline to be released. This quickens heart rate, nerve impulses, and metabolism, ultimately increased energy, mood, focus, and strength.

    Q. Can Caffeine Help Me Lose Weight?

    A. Yes. Caffeine ingestion has been shown to increase metabolism and thermogenesis, the body’s main fat and calorie burning processes. Caffeine may also reduce appetite and has a potent lipolytic effect in humans.

    Q. How Long Will One Bottle of ProLab Caffeine Last?

    A. Each bottle of ProLab Caffeine contains 100 tablets at 200mg each. If you take ProLab Caffeine daily, one bottle will last for 100 days. Users typically only use ProLab Caffeine, so one bottle lasts much, much longer depending on frequency of use.

    Q. How Many Times Per Day Can I Take ProLab Caffeine?

    A. ProLab Caffeine shouldn’t be taken more than 2 times per day. The maximum daily recommended intake of caffeine is 400mg per day. Since each tablet of ProLab Caffeine contains 200mg caffeine, take 2 tablets max per day and don’t consume from other sources (coffee, tea, soda, etc).

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Caffeine
    – 100 Tablets

    Out of Stock



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