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Buy Phoenix KinetiCream
– 4 OZ

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    Dull the ache and experience relief from your muscle and joint aches with Phoenix KinetiCream by Gifted Nutrition. This fast-absorbing moisturizing cream combines the leading topical pain-relief compounds to offer temporary pain relief in muscles and joints. Twisted your ankle? Pulled a muscle? Dealing with arthritis? Have a tender bruise? Rub a small amount of soothing Phoenix KinetiCream for wonderful relief from life’s basic aches and pains.

    Topical creams are the way to go when it comes to relief of minor aches and pains. Phoenix KinetiCream absorbs rapidly through the skin to target trouble areas and provide relief. The compounds in Phoenix KinetiCream cushion joints[1] and prevent deterioration,[2] helping athletes and active individuals relieve and fortify joints and muscles.

    Phoenix KinetiCream contains soothing aloe vera gel, a cox-2 inhibitor that reduces inflammation and swelling.[3] Plus, refreshing shea butter moisturizes skin and further prevents inflammation of joints and muscles, going to work immediately to reduce pain.[4]

    For temporary relief of obnoxious aches and pains, choose Phoenix KinetiCream for dependable pain relief and anti-inflammatory support.


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    Gifted Nutrition Phoenix KinetiCream is used by athletes worldwide to provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory support of minor aches and pains such as backache, muscle ache, joint pain, arthritis, bruises, and sprains.


    For temporary relief of minor aches and pains, rub an appropriate amount of Phoenix KinetiCream onto affected areas in a circular motion until absorbed.


    Keep out of reach of children. Only use as directed.

    Featured Ingredients

    Cetyl Myristoleate Complex – Cetyl Myristoleate is a sensational topical compound for muscle and joint relief. It offers excellent absorption through the skin and helps to lubricate joints and muscles, soften tissues, reduce inflammation, and increase flexibility.

    Glucosamine – Glucosamine, a natural compound found in the body, is commonly used to ease joint pain caused by arthritis or repetitive motion. Glucosamine levels tend to drop with age, leading to joint deterioration. Restoring glucosamine can counteract this process and provide relief.

    Chondroitin – Chondroitin, along with glucosamine, is a normal part of cartilage, the cushion between bones and joints. It is a natural substance that helps to reduce inflammation to relieve pain and slow joint destruction.

    Aloe Vera – Aloe vera decreases inflammation by inhibiting COX-2, providing temporary relief from pain and soreness. Aloe vera reduces pain, fever, and inflammation in muscle without the harmful effects of COX-2 inhibiting drugs.

    Shea Butter – In addition to its superior moisturizing properties, shea butter also possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties to relieve muscle ache and joint pain. It is commonly used as a medical ointment to treat joint pain, muscle ache, swelling, and bruising.

    Q. Are Topical Creams Really Effective Pain Relievers?

    A. Topical creams and sprays can be extremely effective in providing temporary relief to muscle aches, pains, soreness, and inflammation. Creams absorb efficiently through the skin directly into muscles and joints, where the ingredients go to work quickly to provide relief.

    Q. How Often Can I Use Phoenix KinetiCream for Pain Relief?

    A. Use Phoenix KinetiCream as often as needed to provide temporary pain relief associated with backache, muscle ache, joint pain, arthritis, bruises, and sprains. Phoenix KinetiCream can be used multiple times throughout the day as needed to provide relief.

    Q. Will Phoenix KinetiCream Dry Out My Skin?

    A. Phoenix KinetiCream not only won’t dry out your skin, but will actually provide intense moisturization and hydration in affected areas. With compounds such as shea butter and aloe vera, Phoenix KinetiCream keeps your skin moist and supple for relief that radiates from the inside out.

    Q. Where Can I Use Phoenix KinetiCream?

    A. Phoenix KinetiCream can be applied anywhere on the body for temporary relief of aches and pains. Phoenix KinetiCream can be applied on areas of bruising, swelling, or minor pain on any part of the body. Do not take Phoenix KinetiCream orally.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Phoenix KinetiCream
    – 4 OZ

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