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Buy Taurine
– 400 Capsules

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    • In a double-blind clinical study research showed improved overall cardiovascular health.*[1]
    • Prevents retinal damage generally inherent with aging.*[2]
    • Restoring healthy Taurine levels has helped in the treatment and control of diabetes.*[3]
    • Reduces risks of deadly reactions to cystic fibrosis and recovers damage.*[]


    Taurine helps with overall heart health a few major ways. By lowering blood pressure, reducing arterial thickening and stiffness, and reducing arterial inflammation it has been effective in reducing effects of heart diseases and in some cases fully preventing them. People with notably higher levels of taurine have also notice lower BMI, blood pressure, and levels of dangerous lipids.[1]

    Aging often leads to lower taurine levels, this reduces retinal protection from the negative impacts of oxidative stress. Losing that protection is one of the major reasons for loss of or degenerated eye sight. Taurine is vital for the maintenance of retinal function.[2]

    Taurine is used medically for the improvement of insulin sensitivity in diabetics, or borderline diabetics. Studies across the board have shown significant improvement in insulin levels and response to blood sugar in patients. It also proved beneficial in weight loss in obese subjects because of the improved metabolic response.[3]

    In the 2017 copy of Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy a study showed the notable effects of taurine supplementation on reducing effects of liver disease and boosting the body’s metabolism to help produce a productive response to negative stimulants known to cause liver disease. []


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    Taurine SuppFacts


    Taurine is a conditional amino acid, this is because it is not technically an amino acid where it is sulphuric but it’s properties work similarly, and when it is not produced naturally supplementation becomes necessary. It’s deficiency has been linked to diabetes, obesity, poor eye sight, liver disease, and a variety of other health risks. Supplementation has also been proven beneficial to improving the conditions of the aforementioned diseases.


    Take one capsule 1-4 times daily with water or a favorite drink and as a dietary supplement.


    Do not take if you are under the age of 18, pregnant, or nursing without first consulting your physician. Do not take as a medication without consulting your physician. Keep in a cool dry environment and away from children.

    Featured Ingredients

    Taurine -the conditional amino acid supplement used for a variety of treatments to common ailments.

    Q. Is this a weight loss supplement?

    A. Yes and no, this supplement does help your body regulate metabolism and even boost it. Generally high levels of obesity and diabetes can be traced to low levels of Taurine. That being said, it doesn’t replace a proper exercise and diet plan and it is recommended you consult your physician before using it for either.

    Q. Are there any negative side effects?

    A. Not that have been recorded in studies. Outliers do exist though, so if any do occur please consult your physician immediately and stop supplementation.

    Q. Can I take too much?

    A. As with everything, you can take too much. You won’t have the same effects of an overdose, but taking the right amount is paramount to optimal results.

    Q. Will this cure my ailment?

    A. Taking this as a cure for liver disease, heart problems, or diabetes is not recommended unless instructed by your physician. This does not replace modern medication, please consult your physician before taking it as a form of treatment.

    Buy Taurine
    – 400 Capsules




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