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Buy Psyllium Husk Capsules
– 500 Capsules

$29.99 $17.95


    • Psyllium Helps Ease Certain Symptoms of IBS and Crohn’s*
    • Works to Strengthen Your Heart*
    • Assists in Management of Blood Sugar and Improving Symptoms of Diabetes*
    • Psyllium Husk is also an excellent way to lose or control weight*


    Psyllium Husk Capsules have proven benefits in improving the body’s response to issues related to IBS and Crohn’s. It’s natural laxative properties have been used by patients to ease constipation and soften stool, which are two major side effects to both syndroms. [1]

    In a bio-statistical analysis on a single blind placebo controlled study researchers discovered that Psyllium Husk was essential in reducing the risk of hyperlipidemia, which is known for leading to the development of cardiac diseases. [2]

    This supplement has been proven essential in regulating blood sugar, similar to how it improves cardiac health it helps the body use the excess sugar or systematically remove it from the blood stream. Often times Psyllium is recommended to diabetes patients as a natural assistant to controlling their levels in a safe way that won’t cause other potential risks.[3] [4]

    Because of the properties that influence regulating blood sugar, bowel movement, and cardiac health, it has the basic underlying benefit of assisting in weight loss. This supplement is built to help your body reach maximum potential while also helping you lose excess weight that may be preventing improvement.


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    Psyllium Husk Capsules SuppFacts


    Psyllium is an excellent source of natural fiber that has far reaching benefits, it has been prescribed to assist with weight loss, IBS and Crohn’s, and High Cholesterol.


    Take three capsules twice daily with at least 8 ounces of water, this is recommended to be used as a dietary supplement.


    This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy individuals 18 years of age or older. This product should be taken with at least 8 ounces of liquid. Consuming this product without enough liquid may result in choking. Avoid use if you have ever had esophageal narrowing or swallowing difficulties. Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed recommended use. Improper use will not improve results and is not advised. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

    Featured Ingredients

    Psyllium Husk -an herb grown in northern India, has benefits reaching into heart health, bowel health, and weight loss properties.

    Q. What are the side effects?

    A. Gas or stomach cramping are the most common side effects, this is common with any high fiber supplement. We do recommend you speak to your doctor before beginning supplementation and ask if any previous health concerns may cause a negative physical response to this supplement. If you notice any severe adverse reactions please stop taking the supplement and talk to your physician immediately.

    Q. Can you take too much?

    A. Yes, symptoms vary depending on your health and how much you take. The most common response to overdose is dehydration and stomach cramps. Please stop all consumption if you do overdose and consult your physician. Taking more than prescribed will not provide better results.

    Q. Is this a natural supplement?

    A. Yes, this is an entirely natural supplement. The only other ingredient is the gelatin used for the capsule.

    Buy Psyllium Husk Capsules
    – 500 Capsules




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