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Buy Niacin Capsules
– 240 Capsules

$29.99 $14.95


    • High Quality Niacin
    • Support Cardiovascular Health*
    • Help Regulate Blood Sugar*
    • 500 Mg Per Serving


    Niacin, or vitamin B3, is necessary for a number of physiological functions, including playing a role in the cardiovascular system. While many common foods including certain types of meat, fish, seeds, and mushrooms contain niacin, there are benefits from consuming extra niacin that include lowering the risk of: neurodegenerative diseases, memory loss, eye disorders, acne and skin problems, osteoarthritis, circulation problems, and migraines.*[1]

    How does Niacin impact the cardiovascular system? Niacin has been shown to help lower triglycerides, raise HDL cholesterol, improve circulation, and lower LDL cholesterol. Niacin also helps dialate blood vessels, essentially relaxing arteries, and thereby improving circulation.[2] Improved circulation also means more blood flow, and ultimately more delivered nutrients to responding tissue, muscle, and organs. This makes niacin an attractive supplement to take centered around work outs, and is popular among many gym-goers, or those who engage in lots of activity.[3]

    If you are looking for additional cardiovascular support, or to add something extra to your workout, Nutricost offers a top quality Niacin supplement at a low price, that delivers 500 mg per serving.


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       on February 23, 2018


    Highly Recommend

    I have been taking Niacin for 25 years. This brand is highly recommended by me.


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    Niacin Capsules SuppFacts


    Nutricost has designed a top notch Niacin supplement, formulated to help enhance cardiovascular health and circulation.*


    As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily, preferably with meals or as directed by your physician.


    This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy individuals 18 years of age or older. Consult your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed recommended use. Improper use will not improve results and is not advised. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Do not use if safety seal is broken.

    Featured Ingredients

    Niacin – Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin responsible for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and metabolism.

    Q. When Should I Take Niacin?

    A. It is advised to take this product once daily, preferably with a meal.

    Q. Will I Experience Flushing With Niacin?

    A. At higher doses, one may experience flushing which is usually accompanied with a slight tingling or burning sensation. It is generally harmless, and is a result of histamine release.

    Q. Is This A Time-Released Form Of Niacin?

    A. No. Although some products may be time-released to avoid the flushing side effect, this can be dangerous to the liver.

    Buy Niacin Capsules
    – 240 Capsules




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