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Buy Magnesium Ketone Salts
– 250 Grams

$42.95 $39.95


    • Faster Weight Loss and Reduced Hunger
    • Enhanced Cognitive Performance and Mental Focus
    • Reduced Risk for Disease and Inflammation
    • Improve Exercise Performance and Boost Energy


    Because of their fast absorption rate Magnesium Ketone Supplements are considered the most user friendly way to reach ketosis and promote weight loss. By pushing your body to use excess carbs and fat to fuel your body it helps keep you energy levels up and your weight loss on the right path. Dieticians have also recommended this supplement as a form of hunger suppressant, because it gives your body something else to focus on absorbing and using as fuel. [1]

    Ketone salts provide an alternative, for the brain, to the blood glucose which it usually uses as a form of energy. Which gives your body a chance to burn and re-regulate the excess glucose in your body. It provides improved cognitive performance and mental focus especially when in a state of fasting or restricted calorie intake.[2]

    There are also several studies that indicate Ketone Salts have anti-carcinogenic qualities that help with the regulation of cell growth because cancerous cells are incapable of using ketone bodies the same way they use protein or carbohydrate bodies. It is also used to reduced inflammation because it inhibits specific proteins that lead to inflammation. [3]

    It works to replenish glycogen stores for athletes while engaging in high resistance training, it also has been shown to work as an energy source similar to carbohydrates which makes it easier to get into the routine without the concern of potentially burning muscle like is seen in a typical low carb diet.[4]


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    Magnesium Ketone Salts SuppFacts


    Ketone salts are formed when ketones are bound to a salt, such as magnesium, in order to promote better absorption. This makes it one of the most popular and recommended ways to get ketones.


    One scoop for every 8-12 oz’s of water, it is recommended you take it before or during a workout, and 1-3 times a day.


    Consult your physician before taking if you are under the age of 18, are pregnant, or nursing. Do not take more than the recommended amount because it will not give better results. Do not continue taking if you notice any adverse side effects. Store in a cool and dry place and keep away from children.

    Featured Ingredients

    Magnesium -The most accessible and easily absorbable element in your body, it makes absorbing the ketones faster and more effective.

    Q. Can I take too much?

    A.Yes, you can take too much. Being in too extreme a form of ketosis can have particularly bad side effects, taking this supplement as recommended is the best way to ensure that it works properly.

    Q. What are the negative side effects?

    A. The most common are electrolyte imbalance, bad breath, flatulence, and hypoglycemia. Although none of these should be extreme unless you are taking more than your body can handle and more than is recommended. We recommend seeing your physician before beginning supplementation and if any of these effects become too extreme.

    Q. Can I mix it with other drinks than water?

    A. Yes, mix it with what you like because the effects will essentially burn any extra carbs you take in with whatever you mix it with.

    Q.How fast should I feel the effects?

    A. There are short term effects and long term effects. You will feel more energized and focused at the beginning, which is why this works as an exercise supplement for many, but the effects of fat loss may take a few days of supplementation.

    Buy Magnesium Ketone Salts
    – 250 Grams




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