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Buy C8 MCT Oil Powder
– 1 LB

$36.95 $26.95
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Buy C8 MCT Oil Powder
– 2 LB

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    • C8 MCT Contains 95% C8
    • Gentle On The Stomach
    • 45 Servings Per Bottle
    • Made In USA


    MCT Oil Per Serving




    C8 MTC (Most Efficient)


    Using a ‘clean fuel’ substance for many is not imperative, but in this case the benefits are far reaching. By using a supplement that takes up 95% of the blend you are insuring maximum results. C8 is vastly different from all of the other MCT Oil Powders because it is the most pure, you will not find this high of a percentage of MCT in any other supplement. It is also beneficial because it doesn’t lead to gastro-intestinal upset like several of it’s counterparts, this is also caused by it being in a powder form rather than the straight oil. C8 MCT is also safer to take in larger amounts because the lack of other potentially harmful substances. This clean fuel leads to several other positive outcomes.


    This chart shows it’s increase over the increase of the C10 counterpart. C8 MCT Oil Powder is the number one supported form of medium-chain triglyceride supplement because it is the most pure form of MCT available. It takes up 95% of the entire product, making conversion to ketones faster and simpler. Boosting ketone production is a proven method for improving overall brain power and assisting in the prevention of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s.[1][2]

    A study done on 6 obese and 6 lean men showed a definitive change in metabolism for both groups after implementing C8 MCT oil powder to their diet. This is to be taken in place of other types of fat in order to promote a faster metabolism. They monitored the PPT (the heat released by your body when metabolizing foods) and saw that both sets of subjects experienced a faster metabolic rate following consumption of C8 CMT. [3]

    C8 is by far the most expensive of the MCT Oil Powders, this is because you are purchasing one of the highest quality supplements sold by Nutricost. Each of the effects listed have been proven in clinical trial after clinical trial, so when we say this is quality we know what we are talking about. Purchasing this is an investment in yourself and your health most importantly.


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    good product

    tastes better than other mct oil powders and doesn’t smell bad like others. Half the price of other products, great deal


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    Nutricost C8 Mct Oil Powder

    Quality MCT Oil powder. I find it to be more convenient to use than straight oil and is easy to combine with other powdered supplements that I use. Taste is pretty neutral compared to Keto Salts.


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    C8 MCT Oil Powder SuppFacts


    C8 MCT Oil Powder is a clean and natural substance perfected for improving health in a variety of ways, most notably by improving: overall brain function, metabolism speed and fat loss, and curbing hunger.


    Take one scoop as needed with your favorite drink. It mixes better if a shaker cup is used.


    Consult your physician if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing, or have pre-existing health conditions. Do not take for 2 weeks prior to surgery. If any adverse reactions occur please stop supplementation and call your physician. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.

    Featured Ingredients

    Medium Chain Triglycerides -a pure fatty substance that is easier for your body to metabolize and convert into ketones.

    Q. What is the difference between this and regular coconut oil?

    A. This is like a much higher concentrated version of coconut oil, all coconut oil contains the same MCT fat C8 just gives more density.

    Q. Will this interact with any other supplements I am taking?

    A. It shouldn’t effect anything else you are taking especially because this is a natural substance. If you do notice any adverse reactions please stop taking this and consult your physician.

    Q. What are the side effects?

    A. Most MCTs are safe to be consumed with little to no side effects. But certain people have dealt with diarrhea, vomiting , irritability, stomach discomfort, and a variety of other similar issues. If these do occur please stop taking C8 MCT Oil Powder and consult your physician.

    Q. Can taking too much make me gain more fat?

    A. Because C8 MCT is a saturated fat this is a common concern. Research has shown, though, that implementing a saturated fat into your diet can actually help boost your metabolism. That being said, it is only recommended that you take one scoop daily unless instructed otherwise by a healthcare professional, so if you are taking more than prescribed it is possible, although not likely.

    Buy C8 MCT Oil Powder
    – 1 LB




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    Buy C8 MCT Oil Powder
    – 2 LB




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