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10 Best Post-Workout For Women

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– 2 lbs

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    Achieving the ideal balance of nutrients needed to keep your hardworking body fully nourished can be tricky. NLA for Her unclouds the mystery and simplifies the solution with Her Whey, a gluten free lean protein drink that is designed to promote lean muscle growth, enhance recovery, and fuel muscles during high intensity training. Her Whey features 28 grams of high-quality lean protein, added amino acids for recovery, and appetite-reducing compounds for optimal nutrition and performance.

    Her Whey is a convenient, concentrated source of high quality whey protein isolate that helps control appetite[1] and promote lean muscle growth after a rigorous workout.[2] Whey isolate digests quickly and absorbs rapidly, providing the perfect pre- or post-workout recovery drink to improve recovery, fuel muscular performance, and support greater muscle tone.

    Her Whey also contains a rich dose of vitamins and minerals that keep your body energized and primed for peak performance. In addition, a combination of fiber and MCT’s help reduce appetite and prevent pesky cravings to keep you on track with your clean eating lifestyle.[3,4] Despite being low calorie and gluten free, Her Whey is available in incredibly delicious flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you energized throughout the day.


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    Her Whey SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Whey Protein Isolate – Whey isolate is one of the highest quality protein sources available. With 90% protein by weight and fewer grams of fat and lactose, whey isolate promotes lean muscle growth, enhances recovery, and fuels muscular performance.

    Maltodextrin – Maltodextrin is a digestion resistant starch that forms a gel in the stomach, sending a signal to your brain that you’re full. Maltodextrin helps reduce appetite, control blood sugar, and prevent cravings.

    Medium Chain Triglycerides – MCT’s are a healthy fatty acid source that have been found to protect against muscle breakdown while supporting reduction of fat stores and excess weight gain.

    Leucine – Leucine is one of three essential BCAAs in the Her Whey that enhance muscular recovery and promote faster, more efficient protein synthesis. Leucine is also a fuel source for hard-working muscles, enhancing performance.

    Glutamine – Glutamine is an amino acid essential for optimal recovery. Supplementing with glutamine before or after your workout reduces soreness and infection that can hinder your fitness progress.

    Q. How Does Her Whey Support Weight Loss?

    A. Her Whey helps curb sweet tooths and carb cravings by keeping blood sugar levels stabilized. Her Whey contains fiber and resistant carbohydrates that keep you feeling full and satiated to reduce cravings. It also contains MCT’s which promote fat loss while protecting muscle tone.

    Q. What Other Benefits Does Her Whey Provide?

    A. Her Whey contains a mega dose of vitamins and minerals as well as added amino acids for optimized recovery. This combination nourishes the body for maximum performance and overall health.

    Q. How Can Her Whey Help Me Achieve My Fitness Goals?

    A. Her Whey helps you consume the right amount of protein from the highest quality sources at the right times for ideal muscle support. Her Whey fuels muscle for peak performance, encourages protein synthesis for fast recovery and muscle growth, and prevents soreness that can hinder fitness progress.

    Q. Does Her Whey Contain Gluten?

    A. No, Her Whey is completely gluten free. It does, however, contain dairy and soy and should not be consumed by those who have a known allergy to these ingredients.

    Q. How Do You Take Her Whey?

    A. Take 1-2 scoops 2 times daily for optimal results. Take Her Whey immediately before workouts for long-lasting performance support, or consume 10-45 minutes post workout to speed recovery and reduce soreness. Do not use as your sole source of nutrition.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Check out our Ten Best list:

    10 Best Post-Workout For Women

    Buy Her Whey
    – 2 lbs

    Out of Stock



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