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Buy Myoplex Original Powder
– 20 Packs



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Myoplex Original Powder

Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Myoplex Original Powder
– 20 Packs

Out of Stock






    No matter how hard you workout, you need proper protein and nutrients to refuel and restore your muscles and get the best fitness results. Myoplex Original by EAS features an incredible 42 grams of protein per serving, providing your muscles the fuel they need to recover from training. The essential amino acids, including BCAAs, stimulate advanced protein synthesis, restoring muscles to their ultimate state. In addition, the 23 vitamins and minerals support overall health and peak body function.

    During and after intense exercise, plasma levels of branched-chain amino acids decrease significantly.[1] Replenishing amino acids stores following exercise is key to recovery and muscle growth. Myoplex Original supplies a rich supply of essential branched-chain amino acids to activate key enzymes in protein synthesis, resulting in intense muscle growth and repair.[2]

    Myoplex Original features whey protein concentrate, a protein source that provides all necessary amino acids (including BCAAs) required to replenish and refuel muscle following exercise.[3] Casein is also included, a powerful protein source that is known to significantly increase protein synthesis following resistance exercise, providing complete muscular support.[4]

    EAS Myoplex Original is the convenient, great-tasting source of optimal performance nutrition for athletes who want serious results.


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    Myoplex Original Powder SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Whey Protein Concentrate – Whey protein is one of two proteins found in milk. It is considered the ideal protein source due to its complete supply of all essential amino acids needed to support muscle recovery and fuel muscle growth.

    Calcium Caseinate – Caseinate is the other portion of protein found in milk. It is a slow-digesting protein that releases amino acids in the bloodstream for up to 6 hours, providing a wide window of muscle support.

    Corn Maltodextrin – Corn maltodextrin is a carbohydrate with a complex structure that activates insulin release in the body. Insulin is essential to the uptake and usage of amino acids found in Myoplex Original.

    Medium-Chain Triglycerides – MCT’s are healthy fatty acids that have a variety of health benefits. In addition to protecting heart health, MCT’s increase fat breakdown while preserving muscle mass, improving body composition.

    Vitamin and Mineral Blend – The vitamin and mineral blend features 23 essential nutrients that support overall health and ensure the body is performing at peak capacity.

    Q. How Can Myoplex Original Benefit Me?

    A. Myoplex Original is packed with rich protein, essential BCAAs, and 23 vitamins and minerals that refuel muscle, support recovery, and keep energy levels up throughout the day.

    Q. Does Myoplex Original Contain Any Allergens?

    A. Yes, Myoplex Original contains eggs, milk, and soy ingredients. Do not consume Myoplex Original if you have any allergy to any of these ingredients.

    Q. Can Anyone Take Myoplex Original?

    A. Myoplex Original is safe for most healthy adults over the age of 18. Speak with your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication. Keep Myoplex Original out of reach of children.

    Q. Will Myoplex Original Cause Any Side Effects?

    A. Myoplex Original is not known to cause any side effects when taken as directed. Take Myoplex Original as part of a healthy diet. Eating an extreme high-protein, low-carb diet can be dangerous and harmful.

    Q. How Do You Take Myoplex Original?

    A. Take within 30 minutes post-workout or use anytime as a quick and easy meal replacement to keep energy levels up.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Myoplex Original Powder
    – 20 Packs

    Out of Stock



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