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Buy ProEnzyme
– 500 Grams


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy ProEnzyme
– 500 Grams

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    • Ultimate Enzyme and Digestion Formula
    • Supports Absorption of High Protein Diets
    • Enhanced With Fiber and Probiotics
    • Supports Regularity and Digestive Comfort


    Myogenix ProEnzyme+Fiber is the ultimate all in one capsule to help you get the most out of the food you eat – especially if you typically consume a high protein diet. This unique and comprehensive blend of digestive enzyme supports the GI tract’s ability to break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. It also contains an excellent source of dietary fiber and probiotics to support healthy digestion and prevent digestive upset.

    This innovative formulation delivers 450mg of non-animal sourced enzymes, including protease, bromelain, amylase, lipase, and cellulase, to help support the maximum utilization of nutrients.[1] These enzymes support digestive health while improving muscle function energy production.[2] ProEnzyme+Fiber works avidly to reduce bloating and discomfort typically caused by high protein diets.[3]

    ProEnzyme+Fiber also contains probiotics specifically chose to improve digestive regularity and overall health.[4] These probiotics improve digestion of food and help digest lactose. Probiotics work synergistically with soluble and insoluble fiber to help reduce bloating, improve digestion and absorption, maximize body health[5] and support healthy weight management.[6]

    ProEnzyme+Fiber gives you the power to enjoy your meals without the discomfort. You can rest easy knowing your digestive system is working at peak function for nutrient absorption, energy production, and lean muscle support.


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    ProEnyzne SuppFacts


    Myogenix ProEnzyme+Fiber features natural enzymes, fiber, and probiotics to support the utilization of nutrients in high protein diets and prevent irregularity and digestive discomfort.


    Mix one scoop in 12oz of water. For optimal protein nutrient utilization, consume 1 serving prior to any large or high protein meal. For fat loss, consume 1 serving prior to any meal. Consume up to 3 times daily, or speak with a physician for individual recommendations.


    Use only as directed.

    Featured Ingredients

    Digestive Enzyme Blend – The comprehensive digestive enzyme blend provides protease, bromelain (for protein), amylase (for carbs), lipase (for fat), and cellulose (for cellulose). These enzymes support the proper utilization of nutrients to optimize nutrient absorption, prevent GI tract distress, and support intestinal health.

    Proprietary Fiber Blend – ProEnzyme+Fiber contains 4g soluble and 5g insoluble fiber from quality oat, bamboo, and pea sources. Fiber supports regularity and weight management. It keeps you feeling full, optimizes absorption of nutrients, and supports higher energy levels throughout the day.

    Lactospore – Lactospore 15 Billion is a stable probiotic, a live bacteria that benefits health – especially the digestive system. They support a healthy gut and help move food througho your system, preventing irregularity or digestive discomfort.

    Q. Why Should I Take Digestive Enzymes?

    A. If you regularly eat a diet high in protein, experience intestinal discomfort after meals, struggle with irregularity in digestion, or deal with lactose intolerance, digestive enzymes can make all the difference. They improve the breakdown and absorption of food to prevent discomfort and improve nutrient utilization.

    Q. Why Does ProEnzyme Contain Fiber?

    A. Fiber is a bulk-forming agent that improves the digestion process. Fiber promotes regularity, weight management, appetite control, and prevention of gas/bloating. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular and overall health!

    Q. Does ProEnzyme Come Flavored?

    A. ProEnzyme+Fiber is virtually tasteless and mixes instantly to provide incredible versatility and convenience. It can be added to your protein shake, soup, water, juice, homemade baked goods, or even your coffee! With a tasteless powder, you can find what works best for you.

    Q. When Are the Best Times to Take ProEnzyme+Fiber?

    A. The best times to take ProEnzyme+Fiber are before any large or high protein meals. If you experience upset stomach after consuming dairy products, try taking ProEnzyme+Fiber before consuming ice cream or yogurt. Consume 1 serving prior to any meal for a fat loss aid.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy ProEnzyme
    – 500 Grams

    Out of Stock



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