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Buy Amino2
– 35 Servings


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Amino2
– 35 Servings

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    Amino acids are at the core of athletic nutrition, providing the foundation for muscle growth, recovery, strength, endurance, and protection against injury. Amino2 by Myogenix delivers advanced peptide bonding technology to deliver all 9 essential amino acids and an ideal 5:1:1 BCAA ratio critical for muscle synthesis and recovery. Amino2 is sugar and fat free, mixes easily, and comes in a variety of mouth-watering flavors for a premium amino acid supplement that gets you results.

    Studies have shown that consuming essential amino acids support better muscle protein recovery from exercise.[1] Amino2 combines these essential amino acids with a low dose of carbohydrates for enhanced muscle protein anabolism after resistance exercise.[2] Amino2 also contains cutting-edge Intravenos technology for massive muscles pumps that drive and enhance furious workout intensity for better results.[3]

    Amino2 delivers up to 250% better leucine absorption for faster delivery of nutrients and greater muscle growth.[4] This combines with the ideal 5:1:1 ratio of BCAAs to active key enzymes in protein synthesis, supporting better growth and recovery.[5] Enriched bioactive peptides gets your better results, faster recovery, and a whole new level of performance.[6]

    Demand more from your amino acids. Demand the superior formula of Amino2 by Myogenix.


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    Amino2 SuppFacts


    Myogenix Amino2 utilizes advanced peptide bonding technology to deliver a superior combination of all 9 EAAs, an ideal 5:1:1 BCAA ratio, and NO2 technology for better muscle growth, performance, and recovery.


    Add 1 level scoop of Amino2 to 8-10oz of water and stir/shake powder into solution. Let stand for 30-60 seconds. Stir again until dissolved. For best results, take Amino2 immediately before and after exercising. On strenuous training days, Amino2 can also be consumed during your workout. On non-training days, take 1 serving upon waking.


    Keep out of reach of children. Only intended for healthy adults over the age of 18. Speak with your physician before use if you are taking medication or have a pre-existing medical condition. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing.

    Featured Ingredients

    Leucine – Leucine is an anabolic branched-chain amino acid that activates the mTOR pathway in human skeletal muscle, accelerating protein synthesis to support greater muscle growth and faster recovery after exercise.

    Whey Protein Hydrolysate – Whey protein hydrolysate is one of the highest quality protein sources available, providing superior bioavailability and absorption of a concentrated source of critical amino acids.

    NOS Bioactive Whey Peptides – These bioactive peptides are suggested to increase NO2 levels as much as 950%, allowing for greater vasodilation. NOS delivers massive muscles pumps for better results during and after your workouts.

    Glutamic Acid – Glutamic acid, also known as glutamate, is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. It is absolutely essential for recovery, muscle growth, immunity, and endurance.

    Aspartic Acid – This conditionally essential amino acid is especially important for male athletes, supporting testosterone levels in a healthy range for optimal anabolic growth and strength.

    Q. Is Amino2 Different Than Similar Amino Acid Products on the Market?

    A. Amino2 stands a grade above similar amino acid products, utilizing advanced peptide bonding technology to deliver amino acids critical for muscle synthesis and recovery. It provides 250% better leucine absorption and faster delivery of nutrients.

    Q. What Difference Can Amino2 Make in My Workout?

    A. When taken as directed, Amino2 provides massive muscles pumps, increases in strength, faster recovery, greater muscle growth, longer lasting endurance, and unbeatable motivation for a revolutionized workout.

    Q. How Can I Improve My Results With Amino2?

    A. For best results, take Amino2 immediately before and after exercising. On rigorous training days, consume an additional serving of Amino2 during your workout.

    Q. Can I Take Amino2 if I’m on a Low-Carb Diet?

    A. Amino2 is ideal for low-carb and calorie restricted diets. It is absolutely sugar and fat free, with only 3g carbohydrates per serving. Combine with water for a low-calorie, mouth-watering beverage that delivers the ideal amounts of the most essential amino acids.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Amino2
    – 35 Servings

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