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Buy Myo-X
– 300 Grams


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Myo-X
– 300 Grams







    Get the most up-to-date product in muscle building science with MHP’s Myo-X! Nothing else has ever hit the muscle growth scene quite like Myo-X has! There’s nothing quite like the power that Myo-X has to target and inhibit the myostatin levels in your body. What is myostatin you say? Well, it is a protein that is naturally produced by your body and increases as you age. Unfortunately, it is known to stop your growth of muscle.

    If keeping your muscle from growing is not what you want then start reducing those levels of myostatin with Myo-X so that you can start building up lean, hard muscle mass! Not only will you physically see your muscles begin to grow but you’ll also be able to experience an improvement in your everyday workouts as you gain more strength and endurance. Push those myostatin levels down now with Myo-X and find out just how great it is to build muscle and recover fast with this natural formula!


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    Myo-X SuppFacts


    Myo-X will provide you with all of the essential nutrients and minerals that your body needs in order to grow strong, huge, and lean muscles. It is designed with the best ingredients so that you can get effective muscle-building results!


    As a dietary supplement take one scoop of MYO-X™ daily. MYO-X tastes amazing and can be eaten as a dry powder or you can also prepare as a drink by mixing one scoop in approximately 6-8 ounces of cold water and consume immediately. For best consistency, mix in a blender for 20-30 seconds. NOTE: Due to specialized delicate processing of this product, some clumping, even after blending is normal. Do not cook with this product of add to hot water.

    For Storage: To maintain product freshness, store in a cool dry place. You should always wash your hands before you remove the scoop for this product.


    Read and follow all label instructions prior to use. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Not intended for persons under the age of 18. Consult with a physician before using this, or any other product, if you are taking medication or have any medical condition.

    Allergen Warning: This product contains egg products and/or its components.

    Featured Ingredients

    Fecunded G. Gallus Domesticus Yolk Isolate – Taken from fertilized chicken eggs, this ingredient has been found to effectively help build up muscle and reduce the breaking down of muscle thanks to the follistatin found in these eggs. When follistatin levels are increased in the body, the levels of myostatin are decreased which results in the ability to grow more muscle especially as the body begins to age.

    Other Ingredients – Fructose, Dextrose and Natural and Artificial Flavors.

    Q. Can women also use Myo-X?

    A. Of course! As Myo-X targets the myostatin in your body of which both women and men have, this product can be taken by either gender. However, if you are pregnant or nursing you should not take Myo-X. Make sure that you talk to your doctor about your medical history before taking Myo-X.

    Q. Will I lose the muscle after I stop taking it?

    A. Losing muscle is a possibility if you don’t continue to exercise and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Myo-X helps your body to build up more muscle which you gain through your exercise and diet. As long as you stick to your workout regime you’ll be able to maintain that muscle.

    Q. How should I take it?

    A. That’s easy. All you need to do is take one scoop of Myo-X every day. It can be taken as dry powder or mixed in 6-8 ounces of cold water a consumed immediately.

    Q. Are there negative side effects?

    A. There have not been any negative side effects associated with taking Myo-X. However, if you are allergic to eggs, it is recommended that you do not take Myo-X as it contains egg products and components within it. If you have any other concerns about the ingredients listed on the label, make sure you talk to your doctor first before using.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Myo-X
    – 300 Grams




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