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Buy Energy Sport Zero
– 12 fl oz

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    Energy Sport Zero is energy in a can – minus the piles of sugar and calories! MusclePharm created Energy Sport Zero as a healthy alternative to the wildly popular and extremely effective original Energy Sport formula. Now, you can enjoy all the benefits of clean energy, intense endurance, and improved focus in a delicious, zero-calorie drink. Use Energy Sport Zero as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or take before a hard workout to enhance your training and results.

    Energy Sport Zero contains no sugars and provides users a clean, powerful energy boost that lasts up to 5 hours. Energy Sport Zero is different because it uses high-quality ingredients to deliver the results you deserve. Green tea[1], B-vitamins[2], and caffeine[3] unleash an intense surge of energy to support your longest and most intense endeavors.

    Athletes deserve a careful combination of nutrients they need in a flavorful drink they can enjoy. Energy Sport Zero delivers this experience in a zero-calorie beverage that will keep you motivated[4] and focused with your eye on the prize. Plus, it features Carnosyn Beta-Alanine to prevent lactic acid buildup and attenuate exercise capacity.[5]

    Energy Sport Zero delivers a critical advantage to athletes like you who shun limits and embrace your inner competitive edge.


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    MusclePharm Hybrid Series Energy Sport Zero Supplement Facts

    Taurine – Taurine, an amino acid, is believed to promote energy metabolism and enhance performance. It has also been found to improve heart function and support improved endurance.

    Beta-Alanine – This amino acid is converted to carnosine in skeletal muscle where it essentially “sops” up excess hydrogen ions to prevent lactic acid buildup and premature muscular fatigue.

    Green Tea Extract – Green tea delivers a potent source of caffeine and l-theanine to drastically enhance athletic performance. It also contains the catechin EGCG, which increases thermogenesis and fat loss.

    Guarana – Guarana is a plant with one of the highest natural concentrations of caffeine. It delivers a potent source of clean, natural caffeine to energize the body and sharpen mental focus.

    Ginseng – In addition to energy enhancing properties, ginseng has the ability to increase workout motivation and attenuate mental clarity. Ginseng is extremely beneficial when it comes to competitive athletics.

    Q. How Can Energy Sport Zero Benefit Me?

    A. Energy Sport Zero uses high-quality ingredients to increase endurance, sharpen focus, delay fatigue, and enhance stamina. It energizes the body and prevents muscular soreness/weakness.

    Q. What Flavors Does Energy Sport Zero Come in?

    A. Energy Sport Zero is available in 3 delicious, mouth-watering flavors that are all entirely free of sugar and calories. You can enjoy Energy Sport Zero in Citrus Edge, Power Punch, or Onyx Cherry.

    Q. How Much Caffeine is in Each Can?

    A. One can of Energy Sport Zero contains 120 mg of caffeine. For comparison, one cup of coffee contains approximately 100 mg. Do not take Energy Sport Zero within 5-6 hours of bedtime to avoid restlessness.

    Q. Who Can Take Energy Sport Zero?

    A. Not recommended for children, those who are sensitive to caffeine, women who are pregnant or nursing, or those who are taking medication.

    Q. Does the Energy Sport Zero Vary From the Original Formula?

    A. No, the only difference between Energy Sport Zero and Energy Sport original is the amount of calories and carbohydrates. Energy Sport Zero provides the option to enjoy the benefits of the original formula but without the calories for those who are diet conscious.

    Buy Energy Sport Zero
    – 12 fl oz

    Out of Stock



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