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Buy Myofiber
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    Muscleology Myofiber provides a much-needed boost to digestive system and nutrient absorption health. The sad truth is many diets are high in trans fatty acids and low in nutritional content. Most people do not get proper amounts of dietary fiber, healthy fatty acids, and detoxifying agents. This dietary deficiency makes losing weight and gaining muscle very difficult. For this reason, Muscleology designed Myofiber with high-quality natural ingredients to increase weight loss, reduce muscle soreness, and boost overall health.

    Dietary fiber is incredibly important for digestion and intestinal health. Because fiber does not break down in the stomach, it moves through the digestive track, scrubbing it clean and making it run more smoothly. Proper amounts of fiber also reduce fat and sugar cravings and suppress appetite. Muscleology Myofiber includes flax and psyllium husk to promote digestive health and fat loss.

    Lecithin and choline are compounds that increase energy levels while boosting muscle tissue synthesis and fat loss. Lecithin helps break down fatty tissues by allowing them to disperse and carry away with water. Choline increases growth hormone production and energy levels while simultaneously enhancing focus. This leads to better workouts and increased results quickly.

    Finally, essential fatty acids provide a host of health benefits that many individuals are missing out on. CLA increases insulin sensitivity and metabolism, preventing fatty tissue from building up and being stored. Omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 are all vital for general tissue health, cognitive function, and metabolic function. Research shows omega fatty acids also aid in weight loss.

    Muscleology Myofiber allows everyone, from elite athletes to regular Joes, to enjoy the benefits of a healthy digestive system and fine-tuned fat-burning potential. The powder form allows users to customize their dosage and is free of heavy metals, toxins, or banned substances.


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    MYOFIBER SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Flax Seed – Flax seed contains ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid. ALA is necessary for brain health and decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. It’s especially useful in a supplement because it can be converted into DHA or EPA when the body requires more of either omega-3 fatty acid. Flax also contains soluble fiber, which supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar while aiding in digestion.

    Lecithin – Lecithin is an essential lipid that prevents cell membranes from hardening. It is an emulsifying agent, allowing other lipids to disperse in water. This increases the body’s ability to shed fatty tissue and replace it with muscle.

    Psyllium Husk – This natural plant segment is natural remedy for supporting healthy bowel function. It improves and maintains regular glycemic index and serum cholesterol by ensuring bile secretion and detoxification. Studies show psyllium husk also helps control blood sugar and insulin levels, essential for proper muscle growth and energy levels.

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – CLA is used to prevent cancerous growths and artery hardening. Researchers have recently found it is also an effective weight-loss aid. CLA reduces fat by enhancing insulin sensitivity, allowing fatty acids and glucose to get away from fat tissue. This also serves to increase metabolism.

    Choline – Choline is an essential nutrient that must increases energy levels and muscle tissue synthesis. It has been shown to improve focus and reaction time while reducing fatigue. Study found choline increases growth hormone and prolactin secretion while sharpening focus following exercise.

    Omega 3-6-9 – This omega acid contains omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 acids. The omega acids are essential for brain, nerve, and skin health. Most people lack healthy amounts of fatty acids in their diets. Supplementation has been found to lead to greater fat loss, increased lean mass, and improved cognitive function.

    Q. How do I take this?

    A. During the first week take only 2 servings daily (morning and evening). After the first week increase to 3-6 servings daily. Combine into any protein drink or food that you like. Works well with oatmeal, cream of rice, yogurt, juice or plain water.

    Q. How long does a bottle last?

    A. Each bottle of Muscleology Myofiber contains 45 days of recommended servings.

    Q. What flavors are available to order?

    A. Muscleology Myofiber is an unflavored powder.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Myofiber
    – 1 lb




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