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    More and more people are finding that they are unable to get the restful sleep that they used to have. With extremely busy schedules, many aren’t able to get the proper amount of sleep as they get up early and go to bed late. It’s time to finally get the rest that you to gain the energy and health that your body needs. That’s why Dynamic Balance Nutrition has created Mellowtonic Sleep just for you!

    Providing you with only the most natural ingredients, Mellowtonic Sleep is designed to help you to get the best sleep of your life every single night so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized. As every ingredient is specifically picked to enhance your sleep and non-habit forming, Mellowtonic Sleep will help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer in order for you to achieve the deep, restful sleep your body needs to maintain good health.

    With the amazing sleep you’ll get with Mellowtonic Sleep, you’ll be able to wake up easily the next morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to start your day. There has never been another formula that’s more effective than what Mellowtonic Sleep has to offer.

    Get the rest your body deserves today and try Mellowtonic Sleep for better health, sleep, and attitude. You won’t regret taking this sleeping aid!


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    Featured Ingredients

    St. John’s Wort Extract – Traditionally used to treat many different medical conditions, this ingredient is most commonly used to treat depression. This herb is able to help with anxiety, tiredness, loss of appetite, and problems sleeping. Other people have found this ingredient beneficial for those with ADHD, OCD, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Applied to the skin, it can heal bruises and scrapes as well as reduce inflammation.

    Valerian Root Extract – Commonly sold as a dietary supplement, this ingredient is used for insomnia and other disorders people may experience with sleep. It acts as a sedative and helps to relieve nervous tension. It is a plant that is native to Europe and Asia with an unpleasant odor. Many have also used this extract for gastrointestinal spasms, seizures, and ADHD.

    Lemon Balm – Coming from the mint family, this ingredient has been used to treat digestive problems, pain, and mental disorder. It has been believed to produce calming effects and has been used to treat anxiety, sleep problems, and restlessness. Others have used this ingredient for Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD. Applied to the skin, it helps to treat cold sores.

    Yerba Mate Extract – Made from the leaves of this plant, it is found in South America and has been used in teas in order to reduce cholesterol levels, drop weight, and relax muscles. This extract has a number of benefits such as decreasing risk of obesity, reducing risk of heart disease, and as a tonic for the nervous system. It also is able to help with insomnia.

    Other Ingredients – Melatonin, Water, Potassium Sorbate (To Preserve Freshness), Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Benzoate (To Preserve Freshness), Monk Fruit Extract.

    Q. Can I benefit from a sleeping aid?

    A. If you have trouble going to sleep, staying asleep, or experience restless sleep, then you can benefit from taking a sleep aid. Sleep aids are designed to help you get the deep, restful sleep your body needs to recharge so you can awake the next morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated to take on the day.

    Q. Who can take Mellowtonic Sleep?

    A. Mellowtonic Sleep is intended to be used by adults who are 18 years and older who have problems with sleep. It should not be taken by children under the age of 12. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or take medication, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor before using.

    Q. How do I take Mellowtonic Sleep?

    A. It’s easy to take Mellowtonic Sleep. As a supplement, take 2 tablespoons to help you get a better night’s sleep.

    Q. Are there any negative side effects?

    A. There have not been any negative side effects associated with taking Mellowtonic Sleep. However, this product does contain some caffeinated substances. If you are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before use. If used, you may experience headaches, nausea, and possibly rapid heart beat.

    Buy Mellowtonic Sleep
    – 1 Bottle

    Out of Stock



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