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Buy LivFit Plant Protein
– 360 Grams


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy LivFit Plant Protein
– 360 Grams







    Probably the most annoying question vegans and vegetarians are asked is, “where do you get your protein?” The fact is that most of your protein needs are available in plant form and Better Body Foods is out there to help you get the protein you need while proving to the world that you can indeed get it.

    LIVfit Plant Protein is a animal friendly, USDA certified organic protein powder for those who want to consume responsible, cruelty-free protein. LIVfit Plant Protein is soy-free, gluten-free and vegan. Plant Protein contains several helpful amino acids that will let you build up your body.

    LIVfit Plant Protein contains arginine, lysine, and phenlalanine. Arginine helps your body repair itself after injuries allowing you to bounce back from your workouts.[1] Lysine has been shown in studies to help promote protein production as well as improve the quality of your skin.[2] In a one-two-punch, LivFit Plant Protein also contains phenylalanine which, like Lysine, is able to help heal and repair skin tissue in order to give you a healthier look.[3]


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    LivFit Plant Protein SuppFacts


    With 17 servings of organic vegan protein, LIVfit Plant Protein is the answer to the question, “where do you get your protein.” Build muscle and rebuild your skin with LIVfit Plant Protein.


    Mix 21 grams of LIVfit Plant Protein with water or your favorite mixing drink. Shake well. Drink.

    Featured Ingredients

    Organic Pea Protein – Protein from a vegan friendly source. Organic peas, like other legumes, are a rich source of protein that will help you build your body into what you want without compromising the life you want to live.

    Organic Quinoa – Another vegan friendly source of protein. Quinoa is an ancient latin american grain that’s gluten free.

    Arginine – An amino acid, arginine helps your body repair itself when injured.

    Lysine – Another amino acid, lysine allows you to heal your skin giving you a better, healthier look.

    Q. Can I take this with my gluten sensitivity?

    A. Yes, LIVfit Plant Protein is gluten free with the main grain in it being quinoa. If you have specific health issues that the supplement facts doesn’t fully answer, please see a certified health specialist in order to answer your questions.

    Q. How much protein can LIVfit Plant Protein offer me?

    A. Every serving of LIVfit Plant Protein, contains 15 grams of plant-protein. There are 17 servings Plant Protein in every bag giving you two weeks worth of reliable vegan protein.

    Q. What makes this organic?

    A. LIVfit Plant Protein’s ingredients obviously. It has organic pea protein, organic quinoa protein as well as organic agave inulin. These organic ingredients give you a great source of organic protein as well as amino acids with which to build and fuel your body.

    Q. Why does LIVfit Plant Protein come in only one flavor?

    A. LIVfit Plant Protein comes in it’s natural flavor in order to avoid artificial flavors as well as artificial sweeteners. Adding additional ingredients would complicate the mixing process. If you want to add flavor to LIVfit Plant Protein, you can do so by adding Plant Protein to smoothies or other goods with which you consume protein powder.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy LivFit Plant Protein
    – 360 Grams




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