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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Please try a similar product.


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Please try a similar product.

    Look and Feel Young Again

    • Loaded With Antioxidants To Fight Free Radicals
    • Improves Overall Vitality and Energy
    • Helps You Build More Lean Muscle Mass
    • Experience A Boost In Sexual Vitality


    Lifessence HGH was formulated to be the most powerful natural HGH releaser. Lifessence HGH can dramatically boost your HGH so you look and feel younger and healthier. We have put together the most precise HGH releasing ingredients designed to reverse the common signs of aging by combining 15 of the best HGH releaser agents plus Time Magazine’s 10 SuperFoods, and 4 Super Antioxidants.

    Designed to build lean muscle mass, reduce wrinkles, improve your skin, increase energy, increase sexual vitality and revitalize overall health and wellness. This product is the only HGH releaser in the World that contains the Top 10 SuperFoods. Only with the best all natural ingredients, this product was created to help you turn back time with the ULTIMATE HGH RELEASER FORMULA.


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    Synergistic Nutritional Compounds HGH+ SuppFacts


    Lifessence HGH uses a blend of 10 Super Foods, antioxidants, and 15 HGH-promoting ingredients that help to build muscle mass and improve overall well being.


    Take 3 Lifessence HGH capsules daily with a glass of water.


    Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if under the age of 18. Talk to doctor before using if you’re pregnant or are currently taking any medication.

    Featured Ingredients

    Copper AAC – This heavy metal works as a powerful antioxidant and promotes healthy cholesterol levels as well as lipoprotein levels.

    Chromium – This essential mineral is required by the body in order to function properly, but cannot be produced by the body. Chromium helps to decrease blood sugar, lower cholesterol, etc.

    Buckwheat – This ingredient is part of the Polygonaceae and related to plants like rhubarb. Buckwheat has been used for centuries in areas such as Russia, The United Kingdom, and The Middle East.

    Cayenne – Commonly used in cooking, this pepper is related to the chili pepper and is often used for its many health benefits. Some of these benefits include being a disease-fighting agent, anti-fungal, prevents headaches, and joint pain relief.

    Wheatgrass – This common plant often comes in form of either juice or powdered concentrate. Wheat grass is commonly known for its many health benefits. Wheatgrass has the abillity to help prevent cancer and also helps to body detox.

    Q. Does Everyone Experience Significant Benefits Within 2 Weeks?

    A. Results vary depending on the age of the user among other things. Some users report faster results and some users report more gradual results. Increased diet and exercise as you feel the improvements help to accelerate results.

    Q. How many servings are in one container of this product?

    A. Each bottle of Lifessence HGH contains 30 servings.

    Q. Are there any negative side effects associated with Lifessence HGH?

    A. Lifessence HGH is a completely natural HGH-booster, and has no negative side effects associated with it when taken as directed.


    This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Please try a similar product.

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