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    When you’re working out, there is a lot you can consume. You can take amino acids, protein powders, creatine and a bunch of other supplements. But sometimes, all you need is a pick-me-up. Kaged Muscle Caffeine is that boost of energy without the extra stuff.

    Kaged Muscle Caffeine is derived from green coffee beans. That means there is nothing synthetic in this plant-based energy source. Caffeine has been shown to reduce fatigue.[1] It’s also been shown to increase energy levels and alertness in people.[2] The way caffeine works is it affects the central nervous system.[3]

    Although part of the benefit of caffeine is the energy, part of it is the aforementioned focus that helps you focus on the task at hand. In fact, it has been shown that caffeine helps to the point where it improves reaction time and specific types of physical tasks.[4]

    So if you’re looking for that extra bump with all the extra ingredients attached to it, look no further than Kaged Muscle Caffeine. Caffeine will give you the extra bump you need in energy and concentration you need to finish your workout strong.


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    Caffeine SuppFacts


    Kaged Muscle Caffeine gives you the energy you need to finish the task at hand. Kaged Muscle Caffeine is a plant-based energy source meaning that there is nothing synthetic about it.


    As an energy supplement, take one capsule with water 1 hour to 30 minutes before a workout.


    Contains caffeine. If you are sensitive to stimulants or are concerned how Kaged Muscle Caffeine will interact with you or other medications you may be taking, please consult a medical licensed professional. Do not take if nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant.

    Featured Ingredients

    PurCaf – PurCaf is a patented form of caffeine that is derived from green coffee plants.

    Q. Why would I take Kaged Muscle Caffeine?

    A. We all get tired sometimes. Kaged Muscle Caffeine is there to help give you a boost when your workout has the upperhand.

    Q. I’m trying to watch what I consume. Does Kaged Muscle Caffeine have any synthetic ingredients in it?

    A. No. Kaged Muscle Caffeine is derived from green coffee beans. It’s a natural, organic-certified source of caffeine.

    Q. Does that mean, Kaged Muscle Caffeine is safe?

    A. Yes. Kaged Muscle Caffeine is completely safe. Like anything else, you just need to follow the directions on the bottle. That being said we recognize some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others. If you have any concerns about how Kaged Muscle Caffeine will affect your body, please consult a licensed medical professional.

    Q. How long does a bottle of Kaged Muscle Caffeine last?

    A. Every bottle has 30 capsules in it. Assuming you’re taking a capsule a day, one bottle would last about a month. If you’re only taking it on days you work out, a bottle will naturally last a bit longer depending on how often you exercise.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Caffeine
    – 30 Capsules




    Buy Caffeine
    – 100 Capsules




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