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Buy Citrulline
– 200 Grams

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    L-Citrulline may be considered an inessential amino acid, but if you work out, you might see l-citrulline more as an essential key to success. Here are some of the benefits of l-citrulline.

    Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline contains 2 grams of fermented L-Citrulline in every serving. They picked a fermented form of L-Citrulline because that’s the natural process for extracting L-Citrulline rather than going through a synthetic process. L-Citrulline has been shown to help relieve sore muscles.[1] It has also been shown to aid in blood flow and nitric-oxide distribution[2] as well which is an added benefit for those who workout.

    Another benefit of L-Citrulline is it’s ability to convert into L-Arginine while in the body.[3] This allows you to consume more L-Arginine than you normally would be able to. And why would you want to do that? L-Arginine has the ability produce more nitric oxide which leads to better workouts.[4]

    Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline is the pure, natural L-Citrulline product for those who want to ramp up their workouts. Give Kaged Muscle L-Citrulline a try and see if your workouts don’t improve.


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    Citrulline SuppFacts


    Get the nitric oxide you need to beat your workout submission with Kaged Muscle’s Citrulline.


    As a bodybuilding supplement, take one scoop (2g) of Kaged Muscle’s Citrulline and add it to 8-10 oz of water, juice or your favorite beverage. Mix well. Take 30 minutes to an hour before or after your workout.


    This product is meant to be taken by healthy adults 18 years of age. If you’re pregnant, nursing or planning to become pregnant you should not take this supplement. If you have any concerns about the specific ingredients in Kaged Muscle’s Citrulline, please consult a licensed medical professional.

    Featured Ingredients

    L-Citrulline – L-Citrulline is an inessential amino acid that converts into l-arginine when it’s in your system. L-Arginine, and by extension L-Citrulline, can help increase nitric oxide in your body as well as relieve muscle soreness and improve blood flow.

    Q. What’s the point of Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline?

    A. L-Citrulline is supposed to help you improve your nitric-oxide blood levels by converting into L-Arginine when consumed.

    Q. Why is it a powder and not a capsule?

    A. When you’re taking amino acids to help you during your workout, you want it to work quickly. If you want a fast-acting supplement, you want powder, That’s why Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline is a powder rather than a capsule.

    Q. Why does Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline not come in different flavors?

    A. Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline is an all-natural, pure product. In order to keep things pure, Kaged Muscle decided to keep artificial flavors and colors out of it’s L-Citrulline.

    Q. How long does a bottle of Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline last?

    A. A bottle of Kaged Muscle’s L-Citrulline has 100 servings in every bottle. Assuming you’re taking 1-2 servings a day, that would translate to 100 or 50 days worth of servings.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Citrulline
    – 200 Grams




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