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Buy iChill Relaxation Sleep Shot
– 12 (2oz) Bottles


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iChill Relaxation Sleep Shot

Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy iChill Relaxation Sleep Shot
– 12 (2oz) Bottles

Out of Stock






    iChill Relaxation Shot is designed to help you unwind and relax at the end of the day. Its blend of natural hormones, plant extracts, and vitamins promote healthy sleep habits, deeper rest, immune health, and metabolism regulation.

    iChill contains melatonin, a hormone that tells your body to relax and brain to begin halting neural activity to prepare for sleep. Without melatonin, getting to sleep and remaining so through the night is extremely difficult.

    One natural extract in iChill, valerian root, has calming attributes without the adverse side effects associated with artificial sedatives. Valerian root is used as a mild herbal muscle relaxant and natural sleep aid. In iChill, it combines with melatonin to reduce anxiety and relieve tension while encouraging calmness and readiness to sleep.

    iChill enhances immune system health with rose hips, one of the most potent sources of vitamin C available. A powerful immune system protects against diseases that can slow you down and cause long-term fatigue. Also included in iChill is 100% daily value of four different B vitamins. These vitamins reduce irritability, improve mood, regulate metabolism, prevent anemia, and aid is general health.

    A relaxant, sleep aid, and rhythm regulator, iChill helps you power down and recharge after a long day, and it contains no harmful additives, calories, sugars, or carbohydrates.


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    iChill Relaxation Sleep Shot SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Melatonin 5 mg – This hormone produced by the pineal gland tells your body to begin calming down in preparation for nightly sleep. It regulates sleep-wake cycles and relaxes neural activity, making falling asleep easier and ensuring a restful night. Normally, the body produces melatonin at night, but levels decline with age and stress levels, resulting in difficulty sleeping. iChill Relaxation Shot provides an amount potent enough to help you get back on track for natural, restful sleep.

    Valerian Root 10 mg – This natural extract has mild sedative properties. It makes falling asleep easier and promotes calmness, relaxation, and deeper rest without the side effects of other common sedatives.

    Rose Hips 10 g – One of the best sources of vitamin C, rose hips support immune system health.

    Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 5 mg – iChill relaxation shot offers 100% daily value of each of these B vitamins. Vitamin B3 is essential for enzyme creation, vitamin B5 reduces sleep problems and irritability, vitamin B6 helps prevent anemia, and vitamin B12 regulates metabolism and energy levels.

    Other Ingredients – DPurified Water, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (as Preservative), Potassium Benzoate (Preservative), Stevia.

    Q. What are the directions for taking this product?

    A. For maximum relaxation, drink the entire bottle and wait for iChill to relax you and help you go to sleep. For moderate relaxation, drink half the bottle. Do not exceed two bottles daily. Refrigeration is not required. Discard remainder after 72 hours.

    Q. Is this a sleep-inducing drug or tranquilizer?

    A. No. iChill relaxation shot uses ingredients that promote feelings of calmness and overall well-being. It may cause drowsiness because of its powerful relaxing effect, but it is not a sedative or tranquilizer.

    Q. How much iChill can I take at once?

    A. Do not consume more than two bottles of iChill daily.

    Q. Does iChill offer any negative side effects?

    A. iChill may cause drowsiness. Do not use and operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle. Consult your doctor before use if you suffer from any serious diseases.

    Q. Will this help me lose weight?

    A. iChill helps you relax and reduce your stress levels, which can be a major cause of overeating and weight gain. As you achieve regular sleep patterns and lower stress, you’ll cut down carb and sugar cravings. iChill also contains no calories, sugars, or carbs.

    Q. Are there any warnings for iChill?

    A. This product may cause drowsiness. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not take if you are under age 12. If you have any known allergies or are under medical supervision, seek the advice of your healthcare professional prior to using this product. Do not take when operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy iChill Relaxation Sleep Shot
    – 12 (2oz) Bottles

    Out of Stock



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