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Buy HydroBCAA
– 30 Servings

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– 90 Servings

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    ProSupps have carved out a strong reputation for themselves globally and in overseas markets for producing quality and effective markets. One of their newest supplements, HydroBCAA, carries on their legacy for premium ingredients and effective results. HydroBCAA provides a hit of BCAAs and electrolytes for the ideal pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplement to protect against catabolism, enhance recovery, and support muscle growth.

    This extremely straightforward yet powerful formula provides 7 grams of BCAAs per serving in an ideal 2:1:1 ratio to support post-workout muscle recovery,[1] protein synthesis,[2] and protection against catabolism. To improve your workout performance directly, HydroBCAA also includes citrulline to promote skin-splitting muscle pumps and vascularity.[3]

    ProSupps went large with HydroBCAA and created a 90 serving tub for up to 3 months or more of muscular support. Added glutamine enhances post-workout recovery[4] as electrolytes and B-vitamins hydrate and energize the body.[5] Whether you are training for a specific sport, an upcoming marathon, or to step on a bodybuilding stage, it is essential to take HydroBCAA to prevent muscle breakdown.

    HydroBCAA is available in three delicious flavors, including Lemon Lime, Blue Razz, and Pineapple. HydroBCAA tastes incredible and includes all the essentials your muscles need to stay strong and perform hard.


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    HydroBCAA SuppFacts


    ProSupps HydroBCAA packs 7 grams of BCAAs with added glutamine, citrulline, B-vitamins, and electrolytes to help prevent muscle breakdown and support maximum recovery between workouts.


    As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop (13.5 grams) of HydroBCAA with 8-10 fluid oz of cold water. HydroBCAA can be consumed prior to training, during training, and after training for maximum efficacy.


    For adults only. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are following a low protein diet, or are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.

    Featured Ingredients

    Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 is part of the family of water soluble B-vitamins that play a critical role in energy metabolism, or the conversion of food calories into energy. In addition to providing energy and efficient metabolism, vitamin B6 also works with electrolytes to ensure hydration.

    Potassium Citrate Monohydrate – Potassium is one of the most critical electrolytes that can become quickly depleted during exercise. Low potassium stores can cause muscle cramps, fatigue, inability to perform, and confusion. Replenishing electrolytes is absolutely essential!

    L-Leucine – Leucine is one of the three essential BCAAs, which also include isoleucine and valine. These three BCAAs work in conjunction to promote a strong immune system, enhance muscle building, prevent muscle catabolism, and promote extended endurance during exercise.

    L-Glutamine – Glutamine is an amino acid that makes up the majority of muscle composition. Because it plays such an important role in muscle function, glutamine is quickly depleted during exercise and times of stress. Restocking glutamine stores is critical for proper recovery and protection against catabolism.

    L-Citrulline – Citrulline is an amino acid that converts to arginine once inside the body. By increasing arginine stores, citrulline promotes enhanced nitric oxide production to enhance muscle pumps and vascularity – two key facets of incredible performance and strength.

    Q. What is HydroBCAA?

    A. HydroBCAA is a powerful combination of 7 grams BCAAs with added glutamine and citrulline to aid muscle recovery. This combination of ingredients is designed to support faster and more efficient recovery between workouts and prevent further breakdown as you progress through your training regimen.

    Q. Why Do I Need BCAAs?

    A. Of the nine essential amino acids, three account for as much as 33% of muscle tissue – that is the BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Because we break down muscle tissue while exercising, BCAAs can help to protect against further catabolism. BCAAs also help to promote a strong immune system and support muscle growth.

    Q. How Should I Take HydroBCAA for Best Results?

    A. Mix 1 scoop of HydroBCAA with 8-10 fluid oz of cold water. Consume HydroBCAA before exercise, during training, or after training. It can also be consumed right before bed for nighttime recovery, or first thing in the morning on recovery days. Consuming 1-3 servings of HydroBCAA is usually an efficient dose for desired benefits.

    Q. Can I Combine HydroBCAA with Other Supplements?

    A. HydroBCAA does not contain any stimulants or harmful ingredients, making it 100% safe to combine with other supplements if desired. You can combine HydroBCAA with your favorite pre-workout, post-workout protein shake, creatine powder, and pump-enhancing formula. HydroBCAA works well on its own or in combination with other products.

    Buy HydroBCAA
    – 30 Servings

    Out of Stock



    Buy HydroBCAA
    – 90 Servings

    Out of Stock



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