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Buy PreGains
– 20 Servings

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    Breaking through plateaus and expanding your sets to increase the intensity of your workouts can be a difficult feat to do alone. Fortunately, with the help of pre-workout supplements, going up in weight and getting in that last rep before total failure[1] can help you to reach your bodybuilding goals. Pre-workouts have been found to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase lean body mass, and reduce body fat.[2] With these benefits in mind, many companies have taken initiative to provide athletes with the most effective pre-workout. That includes the HodgeTwins.

    Creating PreGains, a pre-workout energizer, HodgeTwins promises to make sure you experience all kinds of gains. Developing an effective pre-workout with performance amplifying ingredients, this potent formula is able to enhance your overall performance using an ultra-concentrated design with a CNS stimulant.[3] It’s use of reliable and quality ingredients that have been trademarked help to ensure that energy boosting and muscle building results can be obtained from the use of Pre Gains.

    Experience for yourself the power that an effective pre-workout can provide with a just one dose of PreGains today!


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    PreGains SuppFacts

    Featured Ingredients

    Carnosyn® (Beta-Alanine) – Licensed under NAI’s global patent estate to be used a dietary supplement for humans, this ingredient has shown an 80% increase in the levels of muscle carnosine and an improvement in athletic performance. This ingredient has increased physical activity ability by more than 16%.

    Agmapure™ (Agmatine Sulfate) – This unique Green Agmatine Sulfate is pure and has been found to improve the delivery of nutrients to the muscle for an increase in glycogen storage and water retention. It is also able to boost nitric oxide levels for a greater pump and an enhancement in muscle building capabilities for better vascularity and fat loss.

    N-Acetyl-Tyrosine – Acetic Acid is added to Tyrosine, a non-essential amino acid, synthetically to increase the absorption and bioavailability of tyrosine in the body. Commonly used in supplements, it is needed for brain chemicals to synthesize and produces the hormones that help to regulate stress – epinephrine and norepinephrine.

    Schisandra Fruit Extract – A plant whose fruit is often used as food and medicine, this ingredient is also used to reduce stress and disease while increasing energy, performance, and endurance. The chemicals within this ingredient are able to enhance the function of the liver through the stimulation of enzymes and in return promoting the growth of liver cells.

    Rhodiola Root Extract – Use in a medicinal form, this extract is able to increase energy, improve stamina, boost strength, and enhance the functioning of the brain to help the body reduce stress. It is also used to improve overall athletic performance as well as reduce recovery. There are compounds within this ingredient that can protect the cells from damage.

    Q. How Do I Take PreGains?

    A. In order to take PreGains, all you need to do is take it according to the instructions on the label. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

    Q. Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

    A. There have not been any negative side effects associated with taking PreGains. However, if you are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants, you may experience jitters, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and/or headaches. If you have any concerns, talk to your doctor.

    Q. Who Can Take PreGains?

    A. PreGains should only be taken by healthy adults who are 18 years and older. It should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing or by children. If you have any concerns about any of the ingredients on the label, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor before use.

    Q. Will A Pre-Workout Really Help Me?

    A. If you find that you’ve hit your plateau or that you want to experience your optimal performance, a pre-workout like PreGains will boost your energy and provide your body with the stimulation and concentration you need to experience the best workout.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy PreGains
    – 20 Servings

    Out of Stock



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