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Buy Sports Greens
– 300 Grams



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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Sports Greens
– 300 Grams





    • Contains 20 Superfoods
    • All Natural
    • Support Overall Health*
    • Non-GMO & Gluten Free


    GAT has made it easier to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables with their Sport Greens superfood blend. With 3.8 Grams of Juice Blend, 3.0 Grams of Protein, and 1.4 Grams of Whole Foods, Sport Greens is a well-rounded supplement that supports overall health.* Each blend also contains potent antioxidants that help in reducing the risks associated with oxidative stress in the body.*

    The Juice Blend is comprised of ingredients like Wheat Grass juice, Barley Grass Juice, and Alfalfa Grass Juice. Each provide substantial antioxidants and phytonutrients to help minimize free radicals that cause oxidative stress, allowing better function at a cellular level. The Protein Blend includes Rice Bran, Flax Seed, Spirulina and Chlorella, making it a dairy-free sourced protein. The Whole Food Blends contain various green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, which are packed with essential nutrients to help detoxify and boost cellular health.


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    GAT has created Sports Greens, a superfood health blend designed to support health at the cellular level.*


    Adults mix one level scoop (2 rounded tablespoons) in 8 ounces of water or juice, 1 (or more) times per day.


    Do not exceed recommended dose. May not be suitable for those who are pregnant, or nursing. Consult your physician with any questions or concerns.

    Featured Ingredients

    Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is also a powerful antioxidant, and assists in the function of healthy vision, skin, and immunity.

    Amylase – Amylase is an enzyme that helps convert starch and glycogen into simple sugars.

    Rice Bran – Rice Bran is the the outer layer of brown rice, and rich in protein.

    Q. When Should I Take Sports Greens?

    A. Sports Greens may be taken once or more a day, at any time, mixed with your favorite beverage.

    Q. Is There Dairy in Sports Greens?

    A. No, Sports Greens is dairy free, and has vegetarian sourced protein.

    Q. Is Sports Greens Gluten Free?

    A. Yes, Sports Green is both gluten free and Non-GMO.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Sports Greens
    – 300 Grams




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