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10 Best L-Carnitine Supplements

Buy Essentials L-Carnitine
– 60 Capsules

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    • A Highly Bio-Available Form Of L-Carnitine
    • 500 Mg Per Serving
    • Help Burn Fat Stores*
    • Preserve Muscle Glycogen*


    GAT has produced a high quality L-Carnitine supplement, which is a stimulatant-free alternative fat burner that helps utilize fat stores as fuel while preserving muscle glycogen.* L-Carnitine Tartrate is a highly bio-available form of L-Carnitine, and has been found to help transport fatty acids to the mitochondria (the powerhouse) of the cell, to be used as energy. L-Carnitine Tartrate may also minimize exercise related muscle damage, and increase testosterone uptake at androgen receptors.

    L-Carnitine Tartrate has been shown to reduce exercise induced muscle damage. One way L-Carnitine may potentially reduce this, is by decreasing the biochemical markers that normally signal blood vessel constriction. When blood vessels are dilated, blood, oxygen, and nutrients can flow quicker to muscle cells in order to repair and reduce muscular damage. One study reflected that L-Carnitine Tartrate was able to reduce serum levels of hypoxanthine and xanthine, which are both markers of free radical damage. These results indicate that L-Carnitine Tartrate can reduce free radical damage from oxidative stress and the associated cellular damage within muscle tissue.[1] Less muscle damage means a quicker and easier post workout recovery.*

    Aside from minimizing muscle damage, L-Carnitine Tartrate may also increase androgen receptor sensitivity and availability. L-Carnitine appears to aid in upregulation of testosterone at androgen receptor sites. When Testosterone binds at the androgen receptor, it converts to a transcription factor. The complex then translocates to the nucleus and assists the DNA in regulating androgen-specific gene expression, such as muscle building.[2]

    L-Carnitine is a well researched and documented supplement that aids in muscle recovery, and can be utilized as a stimulant free fat burner.* GAT ensures a supreme L-Carnitine Tartrate supplement that delivers an optimal 500 Mg per serving.


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    Essentials L-Carnitine SuppFacts


    L-Carnitine from GAT is a high quality free form of L-Carnitine that is recommended for a stimulant free fat burning boost, and may aid in muscle recovery.*


    As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 2 times daily with or without meals.


    May not be suitable for those who are pregnant, or nursing. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consult your physician with any questions or concerns.

    Featured Ingredients

    L-Carnitine Tartrate -L-Carnitine Tartrate is a non essential amino acid that transports fatty acids to the cell mitochondria for energy production. In addition, L-Carnitine Tartrate may reduce free radical damage in muscle tissue, and increase androgen receptor sensitivity.

    Q.Who Can Take L-Carnitine?

    A.L-Carnitine is suitable for any healthy individual who is over the age of 18, and women who are not pregnant or nursing.

    Q.When Is The Best Time To Take L-Carnitine?

    A.It is recommended that L-Carnitine is taken daily, and can be taken with or without meals.

    Q.Can L-Carnitine Be Taken With Other Products?

    A.Yes. L-Carnitine is stimulant free, and can be taken with other fat burning or bodybuilding supplements.

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    Check out our Ten Best list:

    10 Best L-Carnitine Supplements

    Buy Essentials L-Carnitine
    – 60 Capsules




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