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Buy Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit
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1 Kit

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Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit




    Test-drive two of eSupplements.com’s best-looked, look-perfecting products with this handy kit. The powerful, effective Androshred is formulated with natural Green Tea, Creatine, Agmatine and more to help you work towards your weight loss goals. The extreme Liponox formula supplies Green Coffee Bean plus Evodiamine to activate the right receptors to make a difference. Transform your body with the two highest-rated, most popular fat burners for men – all at one low price!


    Liponox is an ultra advanced formula unlike anything you’ve seen before. Take the frustration and guesswork out of weight loss. Burning unwanted fat and achieving your weight loss goals always ends up being harder than it seems. That stops here! Liponox’s powerful ingredients are designed to help you stick to your goals and see your weight loss journey through to the very end. Just imagine the elation you’ll feel when you stand on the scale and see your goal weight reached for the very first time!

    • Made in USA GMP Facility
    • Money Back Guarantee
    • Extremely Powerful Formula


    Aware that most men eventually face the negative side effects of testosterone decline, XPI set out to create an advanced formula to help men fight this common problem. AndroShred is formulated with popular ingredients such as boron, fenugreek, and zinc, to help get you back on track. This advanced formula is designed specifically for the unique physiology of the male body. Get the results you desire!

    • Designed Just for Men
    • Made in a USA Facility
    • All-Natural Ingredients


    All Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit User Reviews

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       on November 1, 2015


    Good buy

    Read the reviews of each product and I couldn’t make up mind which one to try. I saw this packaged deal and ordered it. Each supplies me with an ample energy boost without the jitters or burning feel I don’t like. It’s a clean lift in focus and energy, that helps me get thru a long work day&have enough left over to put in a good workout


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    Q. How Should I Take the Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit?

    A. Take AndroShred 15 minutes before a meal. Start with just 1 pill before breakfast to assess your tolerance. If taking AndroShred alone, you can increase to two servings of 2 pills per day. If taking AndroShred at the same time as Liponox, only consume 1 capsule per day. Take 1 capsule of Liponox with 8-16 ounces of water 30 minutes before breakfast/lunch, or exercise. Do not take either product within 6 hours of bedtime.

    Q. Do I Need to Make Lifestyle Changes to See Results?

    A. For any successful long term weight loss, it is essential that you make lifestyle changes in favor of better health and balance. For best results, combine the Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. Stay active and consume your daily allotted calories from fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein.

    Q. Who Should Take the Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit?

    A. The Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit is specially designed to work with almost any lifestyle. Whether you’re in your 60’s or 20’s, wanting to lose 40+ pounds or burn off those last 5 pounds, the Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit can help. Speak with your physician before adding this or any supplement into your regimen.

    Q. Are There Side Effects with the Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit?

    A. For the majority of healthy adults over the age of 18, the Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit will not cause any adverse side effects. The Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit does contain a high amount of caffeine, which may cause mild side effects in those who are caffeine sensitive. If you are sensitive to caffeine, start by taking just one serving of one product at a time.

    Buy Fat Burners for Men Top Sellers Kit – Kit

    1 Kit

    Out of Stock

    $130.97 $89.99

    2 Kits

    Out of Stock

    $261.94 $174.99

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