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Buy Deer Antler Sprays Top Sellers Kit
– 1 Kit

1 Kit

$99.90 $74.95

2 Kits

$199.80 $135.95


Deer Antler Sprays Top Sellers Kit




    Normally, companies ramp up the prices on their most popular and highest rated products. At eSupplements.com, we want you to enjoy the unlimited benefits of our finest products without the high price tag. With the Top Sellers Kit, you can experience our two highest rated deer antler sprays together at one low price – saving you time and money!

    You can use both of these powerful deer antler sprays at once for maximum results, or stretch them out over a 2-month period for gradual and dramatic body shaping. The astonishing results can be accredited to these two products’ quality, concentrated deer antler velvet, harvested at the ideal time to provide a rich source of glucosamine, amino acids, zinc, magnesium, IGF-1 and more. By trying both DVX Pro Liquid and IGF-1 Protocol at once, you can decide for yourself which product works best for you when it’s time to buy another supply.

    XPI DVX Pro Liquid

    This revolutionary liquid supplements provides a convenient source of purified deer antler that can be used anytime, anywhere. DVX Pro Liquid harnesses the power of deer antler velvet, a powerhouse phenomenon that enriches the body with vital nutrients for recovery, muscle growth, performance, and joint health. DVX Pro Liquid features a natural compound designed to ramp up growth hormone levels, before exercise to boost performance, and after working out to speed recovery. DVX Pro Liquid provides vital benefits to the athletic body, providing long-lasting support for those who refuse to settle for “ordinary”.

      XPI DVX Pro Liquid Highlights:
    • Rich Source of Growth Hormones
    • 100% Natural and Purified Antler Velvet
    • Convenient Dropper Form

    IGF-1 Protocol

    Finally, an IGF-1 supplement that doesn’t require a prescription. IGF-1 Protocol features 10 extraordinary ingredients designed to naturally boost IGF production in your body. Studies have found that higher IGF levels increase energy levels, strength, endurance, sexual vitality, and muscle growth, slowing down the aging process to preserve the stamina of a youthful body. IGF-1 Protocol contains natural, powerful compounds such as Deer Antler Velvet, Mucuna Pruriens, Epimedium, and more, can safely and naturally increase IGF-1 within the body. Simply spray IGF-1 Protocol under your tongue for an all day boost and a whole body transformation!

      IGF-1 Protocol Highlights:
    • Intensify Your Workouts, Energize Your Body
    • Support Stronger, Larger Lean Muscle Mass
    • High-quality Ingredients and Results


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    Q. Do I Need to Diet and Exercise to See Results?

    A. Both DVX Pro Liquid and IGF-1 Protocol are powerful enough to produce results regardless of lifestyle. However, it is highly recommended that you combine the Top Sellers Kit with a healthy, well-rounded diet and frequent exercise to maximize results such as muscle growth, vitality, and endurance.

    Q. Can I Use Both DVX Pro Liquid and IGF-1 Protocol At Once?

    A. Yes, both products can be safely used together. If you’re trying to decide which product works best for you, it would be beneficial to cycle the products, using one the first month and the other the second month.

    Q. Will the Products in the Top Sellers Kit Cause Side Effects?

    A. No, both supplements in the Top Sellers Kit are 100% natural, safe, and side-effect free. Neither DVX Pro Liquid or IGF-1 Protocol have been reported to cause any negative side effects when used as directed.

    Q. What Are the Benefits of the Top Sellers Kit?

    A. The Top Sellers Kit provides two of the highest rated deer antler sprays available. DVX Pro Liquid provides a rich source of quality deer antler velvet, packed with growth hormones, minerals, and more for greater muscle growth, strength, and recovery. IGF-1 Protocol features a blend of rich ingredients to increase IGF-1 levels, reversing the clock for higher energy levels, a stronger body, and greater sexual stamina.

    Buy Deer Antler Sprays Top Sellers Kit – 1 Kit

    1 Kit


    $99.90 $74.95

    2 Kits


    $199.80 $135.95

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