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Buy China White
– 100 Capsules

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    • 100 CAPSULES


    Weight loss is tough. You need to eat right and exercise right. There’s no way around that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some extra help. That’s what Cloma Pharma China White is for. It’s the leg up that you need to give you energy and thermogenesis.

    Cloma Pharma China White is comprised of two main blends. The first one is an ECA Proprietary Blend. ECA stands for “ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.” In China White, their ECA is made of caffeine, white willow and ephedra viridis PWD. White willow is a natural aspirin that has been found to fight headaches.[1] Ephedra viridis PWD is a plant that works as an additional source of energy aside from the caffeine.[2]

    The other blend is China White’s Energy & Thermogenic Catalyst blend. This blend contains a wide variety of powerful ingredients that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Some of the ingredients this blend contains includes yohimbe bark powder, guarana seed powder and green coffee bean. Yohimbe bark is is a natural plant product designed to help regulate blood glucose levels.[31] Green coffee extract has been shown to fight fat accumulation as well as insulin resistance.[4]

    There is no miracle diet pill. If you want to lose weight you’ll have to exercise and diet. There’s no way around that. However, Cloma Pharma believes they can give you the leg up you need to achieve your fitness goals. Give China White a try and see if it helps you accomplish your goals.


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    China White SuppFacts


    Get the energy you need and the fat burning results you want with China White by Cloma Pharma.


    Take one serving (one capsule) daily of China White.


    Contains powerful ingredients. China White is meant to be taken by healthy adults who are 18 years of age and older. Do not consume more than one serving a day.

    Featured Ingredients

    ECA Proprietary Blend – ECA stands for, “ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin.” It’s a type of blend that’s meant to help in weight loss as well as give you energy.

    China White Energy & Thermogenic Catalyst Brand – Cloma Pharma’s China White is meant to be a fatburner first and foremost, That’s why it combines such impressive ingredients as yohimbe, green coffee extract and raspberry ketones.

    Q. What is Cloma Pharma China White?

    A. Cloma Pharma China White is an all-natural supplement that contains powerful ingredients. These ingredients have both energizing and thermogenic effects.

    Q. I’m not a fan of synthetic supplements, can I take Cloma Pharma China White?

    A. Yes. Cloma Pharma China White is an all-natural ingredient based supplement. If you’re looking to avoid synthetic ingredients, Cloma Pharma China White is the supplement for you.

    Q. What does ECA stand for?

    A. ECA is a blend that can be found in Cloma Pharma China White. It stands for “ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin.” Basically the idea behind and ECA blend is it gives you energy without the headache.

    Q. How long will a bottle of Cloma Pharma China White last?

    A. Every bottle of Cloma Pharma China White contains 100 capsules. Assuming you’re taking one serving a day, a bottle of Cloma Pharma China White should last you 100 days.

    Buy China White
    – 100 Capsules




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