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    During exercise, small tears in muscle fibers occur and the body burns through essential nutrients. As these vital nutrients become low, the body signals muscles to turn on gluconeogenesis, or the process of muscle breakdown for energy production.[1] Without the proper fuel during a workout and recovery period, muscle will actually be lost and your hard work at the gym will go to waste.

    BeautyRecover is a breakthrough recovery supplement designed specifically for women who want to refuel their active bodies to build strong, firm muscle in record time. The formula provides the BCAA’s leucine, isoleucine, and valine, in addition to glutamine, citrulline malate, and electrolytes to restore nutrients lost during exercise, stop muscle breakdown, activate protein synthesis, and speed recovery. This blend also works to prevent fatigue, allowing you to workout harder and longer at the gym for faster results![2]

    Supplementing with BCAA’s is one of the most popular methods for fast, effective recovery and muscle growth. BCAA’s increase phosphorylation of key complexes in skeletal muscle after resistance exercise, leading to muscle fiber repairs and protein synthesis.[3] By activating protein synthesis, BCAA’s ensure full recovery and accelerated muscle growth for tone, definition, and long-lasting energy.[4]

    BeautyRecover is created specifically for the female athlete. It is formulated to accelerate the recovery process, enhance energy production, and sculpt a lean, sexy body.


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    BeautyRecover is a post-workout recovery supplement stacked with essential branched-chain amino acids and electrolytes in an ideal ratio to maximize recovery and muscle growth following intensive exercise.


    Mix 1 level scoop (10.45 g) of BeautyRecover with 8-10 oz of water. BeautyRecover can be consumer before training, between meals, during training, and post workout to boost amino acid intake.


    Take only as directed. Keep out of reach of children. Speak with your physician before use if you have a medical condition or are taking medication.

    Featured Ingredients

    Glutamine – Glutamine is a nonessential amino acid and the most abundant amino acid found in muscles. Glutamine helps to prevent muscle catabolism and promote muscle growth, all while enhancing the immune system.

    Leucine – Leucine is one of three essential branched-chain amino acids and is unique in its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. By activating a major complex in the anabolic muscle-building pathway called mTOR, leucine has a greater impact on protein synthesis and muscle growth than any other amino acid.

    Citrulline Malate – This amino acid, nicknamed “the fatigue fighter”, helps to soak up excess ammonia waste produced by working muscles. By doing so, citrulline helps prevent the build-up of by-products that can cause premature fatigue during exercise.

    Valine – Valine works with the other 2 essential BCAAs to promote normal muscle growth, tissue repair, blood sugar, and energy levels. Valine helps prevent the breakdown of muscle by supplying muscle with extra glucose for energy production during intense physical activity.

    Potassium Chloride – Excess sweating results in electrolyte loss, leading to muscle fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Consuming electrolytes such as potassium chloride restores balance to the body, speeding recovery and fueling exercise.

    Q. What is the Best Time to Take BeautyRecover?

    A. Proper timing is critical to stimulating the recovery process. To get the most out of your time spent at the gym, consume BeautyRecover immediately after your working or during the day to ensure your body is receiving the nutrients it needs to accelerate recovery and restore muscle building.

    Q. How Can BeautyRecover Help Me Gain Muscle Tone and Definition?

    A. BeautyRecover triggers the recovery process by providing the right mix of essential branched-chain amino acids. Your muscles use BCAAs as a source of fuel for work and recovery, which includes protein synthesis. BeautyRecover stimulates greater protein synthesis to repair the tears in your muscles, increase muscle tone, and accelerate recovery.

    Q. Can BeautyRecover Help Me Recover Faster?

    A. Absolutely! BeautyRecover does more than just increase tone and definition by preventing muscle breakdown. BeautyRecover stimulates a faster recovery by repairing tears in your muscle that occur during exercise. You’ll be ready to hit the gym again the next day without sore muscles and fatigue.

    Q. Can’t I Build Muscle Without a Recovery Supplement?

    A. You can – but at a much slower rate. You can only experience lean, hard muscle building with proper recovery – which normally takes days and can last even up to a week. BeautyRecover helps drastically speed up this recovery, kick-starting the biochemical pathway to muscle building so you can hit the gym day after day and see fast, noticeable results.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy BeautyRecover
    – 30 Servings

    Out of Stock



    Buy BeautyRecover
    – 25 pack

    Out of Stock



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