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Buy Backdraft XP
– 90 Capsules


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Backdraft XP
– 90 Capsules

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    Accessing thermogenic pathways is one of the best ways to enhance fat loss and lose more weight than would typically occur with diet and exercise alone. BackDraft-XP offers an explosive surge of thermogenesis (heat), removing excess and unnecessary adipose tissue that just won’t come off. BackDraft-XP by Prime Nutrition combines the industries highest quality fat burning ingredients to increase energy, burn tissue, reduce hunger, and leave you feeling better than ever.

    The ingredients in BackDraft-XP go to work quickly, attaching to specific thermogenic receptors and ramping up metabolism and calorie burning.[1] BackDraft-XP naturally improves weight loss and prevents fat gain, all while enhancing energy levels and supporting a positive mood.[2]

    With added L-Carnitine and fat-burning caffeine, BackDraft-XP releases stored fatty acids to be transferred to the mitochondria, where they are burned for energy (ATP).[3] The premium BackDraft-XP formula keeps your body actively engaged in tearing through fat stores and releasing energy, allowing you to trim down and stay active.[4] You will not find a more potent and result producing product anywhere on the market!

    With BackDraft-XP, you can rest assured that you are truly getting the best thermogenic supplement available. Try BackDraft-XP and start your journey to a slimmer, healthier you today!


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    Prime Nutrition BackDraft-XP is an extreme thermogenic fat burner that turns up the heat and ramps up fat loss for a revolutionary weight loss experience that can transform your body and your life.


    As a dietary supplement, consume 3 capsules of BackDraft-XP wit 8 oz of water in the morning or on an empty stomach or before cardiovascular exercise.


    This product is only intended to be consumed by healthy adults over the age of 18. This product is not suitable for children under the age of 18 or women who are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed 2 servings in a 24 hour period.

    Featured Ingredients

    Acetyl-L-Carntine – Carnitine, in the form of ALCAR, is an amino acid that is responsible for shuttling fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are burned for energy. Carnitine has a two-fold benefit, increasing energy levels and supporting greater fat loss.

    Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine is a well-known and popular fat burning agent. It stimulates the central nervous system, causing the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine. These catecholamines increase metabolism and thermogenesis, enhancing energy, focus, and weight loss.

    Devil’s Horesewhip – Devil’s Horesewhip, also known as Achyranthes aspera, is a plant extract that may exert anti-obesity effects by inhibiting pancreatic enzymes lipase and amylase, responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates and fat.

    Theobromine – Theobromine is a cardiac stimulant that works similarly to caffeine, increasing blood flow and thermogenesis to support greater weight loss, improved focus, and higher energy.

    Capsicum 35,000 – Capsiucm features capsaicin and capsaicinoids, compounds that increase fat oxidation and significantly increase core body temperate and oxygen consumption, leading to improved energy and weight loss.

    Q. What is Thermogenesis and How Can it Promote Weight Loss?

    A. Thermogenesis is the generation of heat in the mitochondria due to an uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. In other words, when electrons become uncoupled in the body, energy is released as heat, which triggers lipolysis and weight loss.

    Q. How Does BackDraft-XP Increase Thermogenesis?

    A. There are certain natural extracts that have been found to attach to specific receptors in the body and increase thermogenesis. BackDraft-XP combines the most effective of these nutrients in one fast-absorbing supplement that activates thermogenesis and encourages weight loss.

    Q. Do I Need to Change My Diet to See Results With BackDraft-XP?

    A. As with any weight loss plan, diet and exercise are a critical component of weight loss that shouldn’t be under-valued or overlooked. However, BackDraft-XP may promote weight loss regardless of diet or exercise in some individuals.

    Q. Are the Ingredients in BackDraft-XP Safe?

    A. Yes, BackDraft-XP uses all-natural compounds, vitamins, minerals, and extracts that are commonly used and completely safe for the majority of healthy individuals over the age of 18. Speak with your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or being treated for a medical condition.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Backdraft XP
    – 90 Capsules

    Coming Soon



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