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Buy Atro-Phex
– 98 capsules


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Atro-Phex
– 98 capsules

Out of Stock






    BSN Atro-Phex is a weight management dietary supplement that focuses on increasing thermogenesis and metabolism for faster, more noticeable weight loss. Thermogenesis and metabolism are responsible for fat breakdown and calorie burning, two cycles that lead to higher energy levels and a slimmer waist. By increasing these processes, Atro-Phex is able to help healthy adults lose a substantial amount of weight in a shorter period of time.

    The main component in Atro-Phex is the Extreme Energy & Weight Management proprietary blend. This blend features ingredients such as yohimbine, an herbal supplement that has been shown to inhibit an alpha-2 receptor, increasing energy expenditure and weight loss.[1] Other compounds include raspberry ketones, aromatic compounds that reduce body weight and increase lipolysis (fat breakdown).[2]

    Thermogenesis is one of the most important facets of weight loss. Atro-Phex focuses on increasing this process by including compounds such as citrus aurantium, a compound similar to ephedra that enhances thermogenesis and produces significant weight loss.[3] Green tea works in combination with these and other impressive compounds to further boost thermogenesis, promoting a large amount of weight loss without any negative side effects.[4]

    This thermogenic fat reduction supplement provides a cutting-edge weight loss formula for a powerful, comprehensive approach to weight loss.


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    Atro-Phex SuppFacts


    BSN Atro-Phex is a weight management supplement that increases thermogenesis and metabolism for higher energy, focus, and weight/fat loss.


    Begin by consuming 1 capsule on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before your first meal or protein shake. Wait at least 4-5 hours and consume a second capsule, also on an empty stomach 30-45 minutes before a meal or protein shake. If well tolerated, slowly increase to up to 4 capsules twice daily for the highest results.


    Do not take more than 8 capsules in a 24-hour period. Atro-Phex is strictly intended for healthy adults 18-50 years of age.

    Featured Ingredients

    Green Tea – Green tea contains polyphenols and catecholamines that stimulate thermogenesis – the breakdown of fat for energy production. Green tea is well proven to induce a higher metabolism and greater weight loss.

    Razberi-K – Razberi-K is a patented compound composed of concentrated raspberry ketones. This ingredient has been shown to inhibit a key step in the process of fat production in the body, preventing fat gain and reducing fat stores.

    Advantra Z – Advantra Z is taken from citrus aurantium, a natural compound that contains synephrine. Synephrine works similar to ephedra but without the negative side effects, stimulating an increase in fat breakdown and calorie burning.

    Yohimbe – This tree bark contains a compound used in herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac. Yohimbe encourages an increase in muscle mass and strength, allowing for greater definition.

    Dandelion Leaf – Dandelion leaf is a detoxification agent that cleanses the liver and encourages water balance. Dandelion helps reduce excess water weight and prevent bloat.

    Q. How Many Servings Are in Each Bottle of Atro-Phex?

    A. Each bottle contains 98 capsules. Depending on desired dosage, this can last anywhere from 12-98 days.

    Q. Who Should Take Atro-Phex?

    A. Atro-Phex is designed for healthy adults between the ages of 18-50 who want to lose fat, gain definition, and slim down. Atro-Phex is ideal for those who want to manage their weight, increase metabolism, enhance focus, lower body fat percentage, and achieve healthy insulin levels.

    Q. Can I Stack Atro-Phex with Other Supplements?

    A. Atro-Phex can safely be stacked with most other supplements. Recommended supplements to stack with Atro-Phex include Syntha-6, N.O. Xplode, Volumaize, Axis-HT, Cheater Relief, and Lean Desert Protein. Take caution when combining Atro-Phex with other caffeine-containing supplements.

    Q. Is Atro-Phex Safe?

    A. Yes! All compounds have been thoroughly tested for safety in a dietary supplement in both long-term and short-term use. Read the label carefully and always use as directed.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Atro-Phex
    – 98 capsules

    Out of Stock



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