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Buy Aftershock Recovery
– 2.64 LBS


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Sorry, we're out of stock

Buy Aftershock Recovery
– 2.64 LBS

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    While ultimately essential for muscle growth and health, exercise can be hard on your body and, if not cared for nutritionally, can cause damage and weakness. Maximize the benefits of exercise and prevent exercise-induced damage with the power of Myogenix AfterShock Recovery, a tactical post-workout recovery catalyst with vital nutrients for muscle growth, glycogen replenishment, and recovery.

    AfterShock Recovery starts with 34g of anabolic whey protein that is lactose free and fast digesting with both di and tri peptides. This premium protein blend activates protein synthesis to promote a positive nitrogen balance and enhance strength, body composition, and muscle hypertrophy.[1]

    Next comes a 14g Amino Stack featuring high absorption patented glutamine and creatine to increase growth hormone production, glycogen storage,[2] and ATP synthesis.[3] BCAAs work to enhance and maximize skeletal muscle recovery from resistance exercise[4] and enhance the metabolic effects of weight lifting.[5] AfterShock Recovery is packed with the vital nutrients your body needs to recover and surge past genetic limitations!

    AfterShock Recovery is rounded out with a potent antioxidant blend[6] and a joint support formula. The 30 minute anabolic time period following exercise is the most critical window for growth and recovery. Make it count with AfterShock Recovery!


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    After Shock Recovery SuppFacts


    The most powerful post-workout formula on the planet just got better. Myogenix AfterShock Recovery is an advanced anabolic and anti-catabolic strength and recovery formula that maximizes muscle growth and repair after intensive exercise.


    Mix one serving with 12-16 oz of water and consume immediately after exercising.


    Speak with your physician before use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, are pregnant or nursing, or have an allergy to shellfish. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

    Featured Ingredients

    Magnesium Creatine Chelate – This high absorption patented form of creatine, delivered as MagnaPowder, absorbs quickly and completely into muscles, saturating them with the swelling and ATP-regenerating power of this crucial amino acid.

    Molecularly Bonded Glutamine – Combined with creatine and BCAAs, this superior form of glutamine absorbs effectively to maximize recovery. Glutamine supports growth hormone output, protects against catabolism, protects against disease and infection, and enhances post-exercise carbohydrate storage.

    BCAAs – Branched-chain amino acids are absolutely essential to muscle growth and recovery. Leucine stimulates anabolic mTOR activation, valine supports positive nitrogen balance, and isoleucine protects against catabolism.

    Antioxidant Blend – Muscles are extremely susceptible to exercise-induced oxidative damage. That’s why it’s critical to consume sufficient antioxidants to counteract this stress and protect against damaging free radicals.

    Aftershock Fast Absorption Protein Blend – AfterShock Recovery contains 34g of anabolic whey protein, featuring lactose free, fast digesting proteins with di and tri peptides to keep protein synthesis active for muscle growth and repair.

    Q. How Does AfterShock Recovery Promote Muscle Recovery?

    A. AfterShock Recovery is a comprehensive post-workout formula that covers all your bases. In addition to 34g of anabolic fast-absorbing whey protein, AfterShock Recovery also features a glutamine complex, creatine complex, powerful doses of Argining AKG and BCAAs, micronized taurine, an antioxidant blend, and a joint blend.

    Q. Does AfterShock Recovery Contain Stimulants?

    A. No, AfterShock Recovery is completely free of any stimulating compounds or extracts, allowing you to take it anytime day or night to maximize recovery and support muscle growth.

    Q. Is AfterShock Recovery Designed as a Meal Replacement?

    A. AfterShock Recovery is not specifically designed or intended as a meal replacement shake. It should be taken in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet packed with high-protein and nutrient dense foods.

    Q. When Should I Take AfterShock Recovery for Best Results?

    A. The 30 minute anabolic window after you’ve completed exercise is when your body is most primed for muscle growth, and therefore the best time to take AfterShock Recovery. It is also beneficial right before bed or first thing in the morning on recovery days.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Aftershock Recovery
    – 2.64 LBS

    Coming Soon



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