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Buy Adaptodrol
– 147 Capsules

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    Betancourt Nutrition Adaptodrol is a unique testosterone booster. It not only contains ingredients designed to naturally increase testosterone levels; Adaptodrol utilizes vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to bolster overall health and maintain exercise-related benefits.

    Adaptrodol contains 3 grams of D-aspartic-acid (DAA), 1000 IU of vitamin D, and more than 200 mg of calcium fructate. All three of these ingredients have been designed to naturally increase testosterone levels. Because DAA also boosts growth hormone production and calcium fructate and vitamin D contribute to general health, this combination leads to greater muscle gains than a simple testosterone booster alone.

    Vitamin B6, B12, and the enzyme protease are used for protein regulation and increasing metabolism. Vitamin B6 allows for faster amino acid absorption in the muscles, vitamin B12 boosts protein digestion, and protease is an enzyme that breaks proteins into their constituent amino acids. The combination of these protein-digestion ingredients decreases post-workout recovery time and allows for rapid muscle growth.

    Betancourt Nutrition Adaptodrol contains no heavy metals, dangerous fillers, or toxins. The capsules are easy to use and are to be taken between meals to deliver ingredients throughout the day, optimizing digestion and increased testosterone.


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    D-Aspartic-Acid 3000 mg – D-aspartic-acid is a non-essential amino acid, neurotransmitter, and stimulant. Amounts up to 3000 mg have been designed to stimulate testosterone production, improve cognitive function, and enhance sexual health. In addition, it is a precursor to both growth hormone and luteinizing hormone.

    Protease 800 mg – This enzyme plays an important role in protein metabolism by breaking the protein into constituent amino acids. Supplementation has been found to increase protein metabolism, leading to quicker digestion and absorption of proteins in muscle tissue.

    Vitamin B6 50 mg – Vitamin B6 works with more than 100 enzyme reactions, most of them concerned with protein metabolism. It allows for faster amino acid-uptake and use by muscles. This is turn results in faster growth and shortened recovery time. Adaptrodol contains 2500% daily value of vitamin B6.

    Vitamin B12 300 mcg – One of the “energy vitamins,” vitamin B12 is involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism. Deficiency leads to low levels of energy and an inability to break down and absorb proteins and carbohydrates. Adaptrodol contains 5000% daily value of vitamin B12 to help you efficiently utilize protein and carbohydrates for energy and muscle growth.

    Vitamin D 1000 IU – There seem to be long-term vitamin D supplementation increases total testosterone levels in men with no adverse side effects. Adaptodrol contains 250% daily value of vitamin D to boost your testosterone and general health.

    Calcium Fructate 236mg – This natural mineral compound is rich in trace minerals like copper and boron. It delivers key minerals used in enzyme reactions to naturally produce endogenous testosterone.

    Banaba Extract (1% Corosolic Acid) – Corosolic acid is generally used to treat diabetes because of its blood-sugar-decreasing benefits. This extract is also effective at regulating carbohydrate uptake, increasing steady energy throughout the day.

    Other Ingredients – Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, red #40, candurin silver, blue #1 and yellow #6.

    Q. What are the directions for taking this product?

    A. Take 7 capsules per day in between meals (can be taken all at once or in two separate dosages of 3 and 4 capsules throughout the day). Use for cycles lasting 6-9 weeks; discontinue use for 4 weeks before repeating.

    Q. How long does a bottle last?

    A. Each bottle of Betancourt Nutrition Adaptodrol contains 21 days of recommended servings.

    Q. Will this cause me to test positive for performance enhancing drugs?

    A. Adaptodrol is a natural testosterone booster, not a steroid. However, because each state and organization has different criteria for testing and what is allowed, Adaptodrol may cause gains that are outside some limits. Check your organization’s guidelines before using Adaptodrol to ensure it is permissible for your situation.

    Q. Does this product contain habit-forming substances, heavy metals, or toxins?

    A. Absolutely not. Betancourt Nutrition uses only safe ingredients to deliver maximum results.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Adaptodrol
    – 147 Capsules

    Out of Stock



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