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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Please try a similar product.

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Please try a similar product.




    There are a lot of testosterone boosters out there – but Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Testogen-XR Powder is the ONLY concentrated testosterone and nitric oxide booster in one! This climactic duo helps users experience instant and noticeable results, including an extended pump and intense muscle growth. Those who want optimal results want Testogen-XR Powder!

    Testogen-XR Powder stands a notch above the rest, utilizing a concentrated dose of patented D-Aspartic Acid to increase LH by 33% and testosterone by 47% – in just 12 days![1] Added nettle root reduces estrogen levels[2] while horny goat weed works as an effective aphrodisiac to naturally increase testosterone.[3] Take Testogen-XR Powder daily to intensely amplify strength, power, and muscle growth!

    In addition to supporting the ideal testosterone to estrogen ratio, Testogen-XR Powder provides some of the best pumps you’ll ever experience. A powerful dose of agmatine swells muscles with nutrient-rich blood for powerful vascularity and strength.[4] Additional extracts such as green tea and L-carnitine support fat loss,[5] helping you build the ideal bodybuilding physique.

    Testogen-XR Powder is intended for serious athletes who want to experience an effective formula filled with anabolic extracts and natural testosterone boosters.


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    Testogen-XR Powder SuppFacts


    Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Testogen-XR Powder is the ultimate testosterone and nitric oxide amplifier with a concentrated dose of DAA, agmatine, AstraGin, and more.


    As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of Testogen-XR Powder with 6-8 oz of water and consume prior to your first meal or before your workout. Do not take more than 1 scoop per day.


    Read entire label before consuming. Keep out of reach of children. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product. Do not take this product if you are being treated for a medical condition, taking medication, and/or are pregnant or nursing. Do not use for more than 12 weeks.

    Featured Ingredients

    D-Aspartic Acid – D-aspartic acid, also known as DAA, is an advanced amino acid and natural testosterone booster that is both safe and extremely effective. Testogen-XR Powder contains the maximum dosage of DAA for ultimate testosterone boosting.

    Agmatine – Agmatine is the ultimate pump-delivery compound, boosting nitric oxide levels to promote improved athletic performance, speed recovery, and reduce body fat.

    AstraGin – This unique ingredient is an advanced combination of astragalus and panax notoginseng. It increases the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to promote greater pumps and more testosterone per serving.

    Horny Goat Weed – Also known as epimedium, horny goat weed is a time tested supplement popular in traditional Chinese medicine that boosts libido, combats fatigue, and support increased testosterone.

    Nettles Root – Nettles is a natural plant extract that works to support a healthy estrogen to testosterone balance in men. Nettle roots prevents the production of aromatase, the enzyme responsible for the production of testosterone.

    Q. How Does Testogen-XR Powder Promote Testosterone Production?

    A. The advanced Testogen-XR Powder is packed with a number of effective ingredients that promote greater levels of testosterone by increasing production, inhibiting aromatase, and preventing SHBG from binding testosterone.

    Q. How Can I Maximize My Results With Testogen-XR Powder?

    A. For best results, take Testogen-XR Powder with a muscle-building pre-workout, such as protein powders or Myo-Blitz. Do not use for more than 12 weeks at a time. Combine with a high-protein diet and regular resistance exercise.

    Q. Should I Take Testogen-XR Powder Daily?

    A. For best results, it is highly recommended that you take Testogen-XR Powder daily. Use for a maximum of 12 consecutive weeks. Once you have completed a 12 week cycle, take a minimum of 4 weeks off before beginning another cycle.

    Q. Can I Stack Testogen-XR Powder With Other Products?

    A. Testogen-XR Powder can safely be stacked with a variety of other products. It contains a small amount of caffeine from green tea extract, less than the amount of caffeine in an 8oz cup of coffee, making it safe to stack with other caffeinated supplements.


    This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    Please try a similar product.

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