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Buy Resurrect-PM
– 25 Scoops







    Sleep is the most critical period of muscle growth and recovery. If you struggle to get in 8 hours of quality of sleep per day, your bodybuilding and recovery results are likely slacking behind. Ronnie Coleman Signature Series Resurrect-PM delivers a unique combination of ingredients that promote relaxation and deep, restorative sleep that help you get the most out of the precious hours you do have. Resurrect-PM works hard to increase REM sleep and GH/testosterone production so you wake up refreshed, recovered, and ready to build lean, beefy muscle.

    Resurrect-PM contains a concentrated dose of natural GABA to ease the mind into a deep, refreshing sleep and achieve maximum production of growth hormone.[1] This works synergistically with a combination of L-Ornithine and Arginine, proven to promote greater sleep and higher levels of anabolic hormones.[2] Resurrect-PM keeps you in a normal sleep cycle so you can achieve all stages of sleep necessary to heal both body and mind![3]

    In addition to enhancing sleep, anabolic hormone production, and recovery, Resurrect-PM supports better performance and greater strength. The addition of creatine enhances muscular power and performance[4] while HICA, a leucine metabolite, maximizes muscle recovery and growth.[5] Resurrect-PM helps you sleep, recover, and restock essential anabolic nutrients. When you’re fully recovered, your muscles are recharged and ready to hit the weights again the very next day.

    Resurrect-PM allows you to enjoy better sleep, higher levels of anabolic hormones, faster muscle growth, and better recovery with an exclusive all-in-one formula designed and approved by 8X Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman himself. You won’t find better quality or results than this!


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    Resurrect-PM SuppFacts


    The exclusive sleep and recovery formula of Resurrect-PM, a key facet of the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, allows you to experience a deep, relaxing REM sleep that maximizes growth hormone production for maximal growth and recovery from your hard workouts.


    Begin by assessing tolerance with ½ scoop 30 minutes prior to sleep. After tolerance is assessed, you may increase to 1 scoop mixed with 6-8 ounces of water taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before sleep. Take Resurrect-PM for 5 days in a row followed by 2 days off. Do not exceed more than 1 scoop per day. Allow for 6-8 hours of sleep after use.


    This product is only intended for healthy adults between the ages of 18-50 years of age. Do not exceed recommended dose. Absolutely do not consume with alcohol or prescription or OTC medication. Do not take this product if you suffer from any mental illness or are pregnant or nursing.

    Featured Ingredients

    GABA – GABA, also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid, is a natural neurotransmitter that improves the communication of various nerve impulses. It helps to promote relaxing, restful sleep while supporting the production of growth hormone to enhance lean muscle and metabolize fat.

    Mucuna Pruriens – Commonly known as velvet bean, mucuna pruriens has a high L-Dopa content, a compound that converts to dopamine in the body. Mucuna pruriens helps to improve mood, relaxation, stress release, and production of GH and testosterone.

    Arginine – Arginine intake has been linked increased growth hormone release during the night. Taking arginine before bed can significantly increase growth hormone production while you sleep, allowing for faster muscle growth and recovery.

    Creatine Gluconate – Creatine is an amino acid that supplies higher energy production to all cells in the body. It safely increases exercise performance and absorbs easily without causing bloat and digestive upset.

    HICA – HICA is a metabolite of the BCAA leucine and has been found to activate key enzymes in the mTOR pathway, allowing for significantly greater muscle growth, strength, and recovery.

    Q. What Does Resurrect-PM Do?

    A. Resurrect-PM features a specific mix of powerful ingredients that promote relaxation and help you fall into a deep, restorative sleep. It increases time spent in REM sleep, the ideal state for muscle growth to take place. It supports a higher production of anabolic hormones, such as growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone for better muscle growth and recovery.

    Q. Does Resurrect-PM Carry Risk of Dependency?

    A. Though Resurrect-PM carries little risk of dependency, it is recommended that you take Resurrect-PM for five days on and two days off to minimize risk. Always use Resurrect-PM on your training days and follow the directions provided.

    Q. Will Resurrect-PM Cause Drowsiness Into the Next Day?

    A. As long as you allow yourself 6-8 hours of sleep after taking Resurrect-PM, this formula will not cause drowsiness into the next day. In fact, Resurrect-PM will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day.

    Q. How Can I Add Resurrect-PM Into My Schedule?

    A. For best results, take Resurrect-PM on an empty stomach 30 minutes before bed. If you prefer to take a protein shake near bedtime, consume your shake 1-1.5 hours before bed, then take Resurrect-PM 30 minutes before going to sleep.

    Sorry, we're out of stock

    Buy Resurrect-PM
    – 25 Scoops




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