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Monday Fitspiration

Eric Hites, has decided to take back his life and save his marriage, one pedal at a time. Originally weighing in at 560 lbs., Eric has made the decision to bike across America, however long that may take.

Eric originally took on this enormous challenge because his health was taking its toll on his marriage. His wife, Angie, is already a widow, and she feared she could possibly end up down the same road if Eric didn’t do something about his health.

Fueled by the Proclaimers’ hit “500 Miles,” Eric Hites is going strong, and he’s already lost over 50 pounds just a month and a half into his journey! Eric Hites’ determination and story have already captured the nation’s attention as people have started to cheer him on and donate to his cause. He is documenting his experiences on his website Fat Guy Across America. Check out his journey and see how you can support him in his goal to change his life.

Here are some of the photos he’s been uploading to his instagram of his journey so far.

Only tater chips are supposed to look like this

A photo posted by Eric Hites (@fatguyacrossamerica) on

Rhode Island woot woot

A photo posted by Eric Hites (@fatguyacrossamerica) on

At the shop for the first time on my bike

A photo posted by Eric Hites (@fatguyacrossamerica) on

Tiverton RI campsite

A photo posted by Eric Hites (@fatguyacrossamerica) on

At the salvage yard in Tiverton RI

A photo posted by Eric Hites (@fatguyacrossamerica) on

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