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    Serinaid PhosphatidylSerine(PS), a brain supplement, is said to maintain and improve mental performance. It might help you recognize faces, remember where lost objects are located and lower physical and psychological stress.[1]

    It is often prescribed to patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other age-related memory problems. Even though many sources claim this is a miracle supplement, I decided to take a closer look and examine how effective it actually is at boosting cognitive function. I did some research to find out more.

    What is Serinaid?

    Serinaid is an ingredient in a dietary supplement that boosts brain function. Usually, Serinaid PS comes in a tasteless powder or liquid. It helps proteins that manage cell functions, encourages nutrients to enter cells and waste to exit cells, and helps transmit molecular messages between cells.[2]

    What Are the Health Benefits From Serinaid?

    Prevention of Memory Loss. Serinaid has been tested and documented through 60 human clinical trials over two decades. Over 20 placebo-controlled trials have proven Serinaid heightens several brain functions. It is an essential component for cell turnover and contributes to overall physiological well-being.[3]

    Reduces Elevated Cortisol Levels. When you undergo emotional and physical stress, cortisol levels soar. This is a stress hormone that breaks muscle down and contributes to an attack on the brain. Taking Serinaid lowers cortisol levels and allows cognitive function to remain solid.

    Is Serinaid Safe?

    There are few reported side effects linked to Serinaid. It is derived from soy lecithin, so it is a natural substance. Although considered safe, you may experience mild gastrointestinal discomfort while taking this supplement at levels over 300mg.

    The only problem with Serinaid is its possible negative interaction with certain prescription medications. For instance, this supplement may cause problems if you are taking a blood thinner, and dangerous blood loss may occur.[5]

    How Serinaid PS Works

    Serinaid PS helps the brain metabolize glucose and bind to neurotransmitters, which enhances memory and cognitive ability. This supplement heightens communication among brain cells by raising the number of receptors available to receive messages. Serinaid also stimulates the brain to release dopamine. This lengthens your attention span.[6]

    Studies That Support the Success of Serinaid

    Numerous studies were performed on Serinaid to evaluate its effects on memory. One study involved 494 senior patients experiencing cognitive deterioration. Results noted significant improvement on behavior and cognitive function.

    A different 12-week study followed 51 patients with cognitive deterioration. Some were given Serinaid, and others were given a placebo. The results proved patients taking Serinaid PS had higher cognitive function than the placebo group. Individuals with mild cognitive impairment saw the best improvement.

    Another 12-week study contained 149 people suffering with memory problems. Some were given Serinaid, and others received a placebo. Memory and learning abilities showed great improvement when taking Serinaid. This allowed researchers to suggest this supplement deters the development of age-related memory issues.

    Even animal studies were conducted and found that Serinaid PS stimulates memory function.[7]

    Is Serinaid Right for Me?

    Age-related memory loss is extremely common and alarming. Instead of taking undocumented pharmaceutical drugs to stop the problem, many seniors want a natural alternative. Serinaid PS is derived from soy. It has been researched through vigorous human clinical trials.

    Many studies have proven this supplement contributes significant value and improves cognitive function. Since your normal diet cannot provide the necessary amounts of phosphatidylserine, a supplement is important.

    If you are suffering from negative cognitive issues and are reaching an older age, it is recommended to try Serinaid. It is proven to help maintain and improve mental performance.

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