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Paederia Foetida Benefits

Paederia Foetida has many benefits that make it a very interesting herb. It’s flown under the radar, but fortunately the team at Myokem popularized the ingredient by discovering its immense potential during their testing for the their new all natural anabolic: Magnitropin.

Testosterone is the main anabolic hormone that the body produces.

First, Paederia Foetida has a great effect in raising natural testosterone levels. Doing so naturally is a very positive aspect, as it will not effect your own testosterone production negatively or prevent unwanted side effects. Studies show increases in natural testosterone production around the day 15 mark. There are also studies showing better erection quality to enhance libido.

Second, Paederia is an awesome ingredient to help promote weight gain. In a dose dependent study compared to testosterone suspension, Paederia actually outgained testosterone suspension in 28 days. So not only did it help pack on weight faster than testosterone, but did so very quickly! In just one month’s time, results were seen.

Third, Paederia Foetida is very good at increasing libido and acting as an aphrodisiac. It’s also been noted to enhance male vigor and vitality.

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