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L-Norvaline Benefits

L-Norvaline provides a host of proven benefits. To fully take advantage of the benefits of L-norvaline, learn why it works and how exactly you can maximize your results and take your workouts to the next level.

One of the best L-Norvaline benefits is the increase of nitric oxide to help with your pump.


The majority of supplements featuring L-norvaline are pre-workouts and “pump” boosters claimed to increase intra-workout power and recovery.

These pre-workouts typically use large amounts of arginine to relax blood vessels and stimulate nitric oxide production, flooding muscles with oxygen and nutrients. The result is a massive muscle pump that gives you more energy and provides for better recovery.

Nitric oxide is the real key here. It’s what provides the burst of blood and nutrient flow. No nitric oxide, no pump. This is where L-norvaline comes in.

Nitric oxide is the real key here. It’s what provides the burst of blood and nutrient flow. No nitric oxide, no pump. THis is where L-Norvaline comes in.

When your body starts to produce nitric oxide through arginine, it also creates an enzyme, arginase, which puts a limit on the amount of nitric oxide you can make. This effectively creates a “ceiling” on how big of a pump you can achieve.

L-norvaline works by inhibiting arginase production, allowing you to blow past that ceiling and keep producing nitric oxide throughout your workout. This makes your pumps stronger and longer lasting.


Because it’s an analog of valine, many people think L-norvaline also contributes to muscle growth. This is a misconception; L-norvaline is not used by the body to create muscle tissue.

However, just because it doesn’t contribute directly doesn’t mean L-norvaline is useless for growth. By extending pump length and intensity, L-norvaline provides muscle tissue with massive amounts of oxygen and nutrients, including other amino acids.

While you’ll notice the extra power during workouts, this extended pump has also been shown to dramatically reduce soreness and post-exercise recovery time.


L-norvaline is one of the most effective ways to boost your workout pumps safely. It’s well-understood and provides immediate results. Look for supplements that take advantage of its stellar benefits.

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