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Eurycoma Longifolia

    The eurycoma longifolia plant is native to Southeast Asia.[1] It also goes by the names Tongkat Ali, Malaysian Ginseng, or Longjack.[2]

    Traditionally, Asian men drink an herbal eurycoma longifolia tea to enhance sexual abilities.[1] Currently, scientists believe the organic chemical 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one is most likely responsible for eurycoma longifolia’s sexual effects.[3] Furthermore, eurycoma longifolia’s eurypeptides enhance the early stages of testosterone production, which may also account for its sexual benefits.[2]

    Eurycoma longifolia also contains chemicals called quassinoids. Quassinoids are known for inhibiting inflammation, and tumor growth, as well as viral and infectious diseases.[4] Quassinoids give eurycoma longifolia its intensely bitter taste.[5]

    Eurycoma longifolia root contains chemicals that affect testosterone production.[1] Consequently, eurycoma longifolia is mainly used for increasing testosterone, which benefits sexual health in various ways.

    As an herbal remedy for male sexual issues, eurycoma longifolia acts as a general aphrodisiac while treating erectile and fertility issues.

    According to research, eurycoma longifolia acts as an aphrodisiac, resulting in increased sexual desire indications. These studies were all performed on rats.[6]

    Several animal studies indicate eurycoma longifolia also affects erections in at least two ways. First, eurycoma longifolia increased erection frequency.[7] Second, a chemical present in eurycoma longifolia prevented premature ejaculation by increasing penile pressure.[3]

    Additional research reveals eurycoma longifolia affects male fertility. Orally administered eurycoma longifolia created “significantly higher sperm counts and sperm motility” in treated rats.[8] Scientists concluded this effect occurred due to estrogen suppression. Further human trials show eurycoma longifolia improved semen quality and fertility in 75 men who took the herb daily for 3 months.[9]

    Moreover, eurycoma longifolia enhances overall fitness in several ways. Fat loss, muscle growth, and strength increase all occurred to a greater degree in men taking eurycoma longifolia than in those on placebo.[10] Participants in this study participated in regular weightlifting workouts. Consequently, eurycoma longifolia only boosts exercise’ effects rather than independently improving physical fitness.

    Most eurycoma longifolia studies do not mention side effects. Eurycoma longifolia seems well tolerated in typical dosages.

    One animal study assessed eurycoma longifolia’s toxicity. This study concluded eurycoma longifolia is only fatal in exorbitantly large doses.[11]

    However, this study also noted eurycoma longifolia contains compounds which may damage liver tissue. Hence, it is recommended elderly people or those with liver problems avoid using eurycoma longifolia.[11]

    An effective eurycoma longifolia dose is 200 mg daily. This can be taken all at once or in two 100 mg doses.[2]

    Another study suggests 400 mg doses are also safe and effective.[11]

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