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    Cognizin® is a trademarked form of citicoline, a natural nutrient found in every cell of the body that’s specifically vital to brain health.[1]

    It’s a nootropic (mental-stimulating) compound that converts to both uridine and choline, the latter is further synthesized into phosphatidylcholine, a substance that plays a central role in mental function.

    Cognizin® provides natural nutritional support (in contrast to artificial stimulants), that helps:

    • Fuel mental processes
    • Enhance focus and concentration
    • Support healthy memory function

    Cognizin® has been studied for its ability to treat, as well as prevent, memory impairments associated with aging. Both uridine and choline are neuro-protective molecules and can potentially enhance learning[2][3][4].

    Other potential uses have been studied in relation to cognition include:

    • Memory enhancement in youth[5].
    • Increased attention[2].
    • Anti-addictive against select narcotics and foods[6].

    Cognizin® has a very low toxicity profile in humans and has been studied in doses as high as 4,000mg per day with no major negative side effects. And though safety of long-term use is also not known, there is no indication that prolonged use is a health detriment.

    It should be noted that too high of a single dose is most commonly associated with unwanted side effects such as headaches and nausea, so individual dosage should be titrated to individual need.

    Standard dosing of Cognizin® is between 500-2,000mg in two equally divided doses usually separated by at least 8 hours, although a single daily mega-dose may also be recommended.

    On the upper end of studied doses, it appears that 4,000 mg does not affect the blood any differently than 2,000 mg, thus making 2,000mg the upper limit before diminishing returns.

    For general health purposes, 500mg in a single daily dose is sufficient.

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