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Bacopa Monnieri

    Bacopa Monnieri

    Bacopa monnieri could have the ability to enhance focus, to reduce stress and to improve memory. A wide variety of anecdotal evidence has also shown that the herb might be able to mitigate the effects of depression, and the supplement may reduce anxiety.

    Stimulating Neurogenesis

    Numerous studies have indicated that bacopa monnieri could enhance the generation of new neuronal pathways in the brain. According to some scientists, the formation of fresh neurons allows individuals to swiftly learn concepts and tasks, and in addition, the creation of new tissue may help people to form memories.[1]

    Decreasing Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety might impede a person’s ability to focus and could slightly impair an individual’s memory. Chronic anxiety also has the potential to raise the levels of cortisol in the body, and an excessive amount of this hormone might have a negative effect on brain tissue.

    According to several studies, bacopa monnieri may substantially reduce anxiety. Moreover, the botanical does not have the sedating effects that are associated with the majority of anxiolytics.[2]

    Increasing the Natural Production of Endorphins

    A recent analysis showed that the herb is capable of stimulating the release of a large amount of endorphins when a person is exercising or performing a rewarding activity. These natural chemicals could slightly reduce pain and increase an individual’s overall energy and motivation.[3]

    Enhancing the Flow of Blood to the Brain

    Some reviews of bacopa monnieri indicate that consistent usage of the botanical may lower blood pressure. Like gingko biloba, this herb is also able to increase the amount of blood that reaches the brain. Improving blood flow could allow the brain to receive more oxygen and a substantial amount of glucose.[4]

    Preventing Oxidation

    Known as bacopasides, the alkaloids in the botanical are antioxidants. These ingredients are able to quickly cross the blood-brain barrier, and certain studies have suggested that bacopa monnieri might have the ability to reduce oxidation in the brain.[5]

    Improving the Transmission of Impulses

    When bacopa monnieri was given to mice during a study, researchers determined that the herb was actually increasing the number of transmissions that the nerves delivered to the brain.

    As a result, the supplement may be able to improve reaction time, and the ingredient could allow individuals to complete complex tasks in a shorter period of time.[6]

    Boosting Levels of Vital Neurotransmitters

    The herb is able to augment the amount of dopamine and choline that the brain produces. These neurotransmitters enhance motivation and improve a person’s ability to focus for an extended period of time.

    Long-term use of bacopa monnieri could also increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, and the result of a rise in the level of this neurotransmitter would be an enhanced feeling of well-being. A boost in serotonin may also provide an explanation for the improved digestion that many people experience when they take the supplement.

    Increasing the Activity of Enzymes

    During an extensive study, researchers showed that the herb can stimulate the production of enzymes that generate glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant. Furthermore, the botanical was able to increase the level of catalase in the brain, and this substance could prevent cells from becoming damaged.[7]

    Reducing Inflammation

    The presence of neural inflammation could impair a person’s memory, have a negative effect on motor skills and cause an individual to feel lethargic. Bacopa monnieri may reduce the production of numerous inflammatory enzymes, and the botanical enhances the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines.[8]

    Creating Plans

    In addition to the supplement’s positive impact on the ability to form memories, the natural compound could help you to design complex strategies. A recent study showed that individuals who used the herb were able to develop detailed plans and to solve a series of problems more swiftly than participants who were given a placebo. [9]

    Stimulating the Production of Telomerase

    Telomeres are caps that are located at the ends of the chromosomes, which contain the DNA that is within every cell. Bacopa monnieri may be able to increase the production of telomerase, and this enzyme has the ability to lengthen the telomeres and to protect them from damage. Some scientists have speculated that this effect could prevent dementia and might eliminate the degeneration of the brain tissue of older patients.

    Medical authorities indicate l-lysine is safe for use up to 1 year. It may cause diarrhea and stomach pain, however.[5]

    Also, there is 1 report linking lysine supplements with kidney disease.[5]

    Taking Bacopa Monnieri

    You may consume 150 milligrams to 300 milligrams of the botanical once or twice every day. You should drink at least 12 ounces of water when you use the supplement, and some vendors recommend abstaining from food for 1 hour after you take the herb.

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